Deployment feedback


Hi Cliff,

Loved GSB1 and I’m not sure if I’m just imagining that this was in there, but in GSB2 it would be really nice to select a ship design once and add it a bunch of times to the deployment field. This way I wouldn’t have to drag and drop each and every ship, which would save me a lot of time for test deployments.

Possible to bring back the phasic (or whatever they were) from GSB1 for super high shield absorbtion at the expense of shield strength? Unsure how that would affect balance though. Loving the beta so far!


Welcome aboard, bsambrone.

On the Deployment screen:
Hover mouse over ship design of your choice in the left-side columns;
Right-click to view popup;
Left-click on “Mass Deploy”;
happiness ensues. :wink:

That was the Multi-Phasic type of shielding: medium-to-high strength, but dangerously low resistance. That meant only a handful of weak-sauce weaponry could not damage it; everything else could.


The multi-phasic still exists, it’s just called the heavy shield. If I recall correctly, the heavy shield has only 50 strength, but some stupendously high resistance. Compare this with the light shield that has 200 strength, but a much lower resistance.


Ummm… isn’t that the opposite of the multi-phasic?