Deployment Screen Suggestion

A few suggestions to aid in playability…

A few check boxes to list ships by size and by type (think shielded and no engines). After a while it gets tiring having to scroll through the entire list of ships trying to remember which one was my stationary unshielded cruiser.

Add edit to the right click menu for deployed ships along with rename delete etc

I think that ship type would be more informative than the ship name on the ship side bar summary when a deployed ship is selected. Ideally I’d like both but if real estate is a premium I’d rather know that this is my missile cruiser vs “Well flagellate my flagella”

Is it possible to put some orders like “escort” on hotkey? When setting up a large armada its a little tiring have to mouse over to “add order, escort, click ship”. Would be much nicer just to click the ship, hit e and select ship to escort. Same with other relevant orders like formation etc.

Agree with you on everything.

Shift+E and Shift+F are already keyboard shortcuts for Escort and Formation.