Design discussion about luxury car options

Opinions are most welcome… … -mahogany/

Some ideas:

  • Radar
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Heads Up Display (HUD) - The HUD can seamlessly project objects that radar and thermal imaging detect on the windshield, so that the driver can see them with the same perspective as seeing them with their own eyes.
  • Air Ride Suspension

You have Alloy Wheels for performance, so maybe Chrome Wheels for luxury? :slight_smile:

My car has air suspension so absolutely air suspension has to be a thing :smiley: I guess we need some big air bags as resources :smiley:


  • Improved Sound Deadening (Feature that Luxury customers like, but Performance customers dislike)
  • Air Ride Suspension (Feature that Luxury customers like, but Performance customers dislike)
  • Chrome Wheels (Feature that Luxury customers like, but Performance customers dislike)
  • Luxury Tires


  • Performance Turbocharger (Feature that Performance customers like, but Luxury customers dislike)
  • Performance Tires
  • Aluminum Engine Block
  • Aluminum Driveshaft
  • Stainless Steel Exhaust
  • Carbon Fiber Hood


  • Fuel Efficient Turbocharger (Mutually exclusive with Performance Turbocharger)


  • Mirror gloss paint (takes another slot to apply / buff)
  • Champagne cooler
  • Satellite TV system
  • Bulletproof glass and doors
  • Dynamic opacity windows
  • Remote climate control
  • Auto-park


  • Racing stripes / numbers
  • 5 point seat belts / racing seats
  • Performance transmission
  • Ground effects: air dams and dynamic spoilers
  • Frame mounted or extra large gauges
  • Integrated fire extinguishing system

I especially like the Automatic Parking, Dynamic Opacity Windows, and Racing Stripes ideas. :slight_smile:

With Dynamic Opacity Windows, there could also be a separate Dynamic Opacity Moonroof.