Design studio costs and the late game

Sooo…my ongoing quest to ensure the game remains balanced in the late game has drawn my eye to the design studio and its frankly stupid bargain-price for construction. Glancing at it recently I realised that the install cost is $122,000 for a facility that takes up 9 tiles and is essential to unlock major expansion.
to fill those 9 tiles with 3 research offices would cost $194,000. I strongly suspect that pretty much everyone in the game who gets to the point where they have researched the tech to build a design studio has MORE than enough money to not care about the studios install price?

I am well aware that this is a relatively minor cost in terms of the whole game, but I’m just posting this to signal my intention to raise the construction cost of the design studio from $122,000 to $205,000 in the next patch :smiley:

Any objections?

That would be ok. :smiley: It’s good that a player has to earn this.

Sounds good to me

Makes sense to make it a bit more difficult to buy them from the get go.