design suggestion : tutorial / hint system


I found the hint system on your first game very intrusive. (Game pausing, screen becoming blue, and long text). Maybe it could have been done a bit less violent (a window arriving in the corner, with a button on it to go to the target…)

Also, when you first look at the various design screens, you get a lot of information thrown at head straight away. (Too much for me actually). But, you can’t recall it afterward once you are becoming more familliar with the interface (or I haven’t found it). It might be better to call by right clicking bit of interface.

Is it that important to print a 4 line long text to explain what the “continue” button does ? Specially when it pops up every screen…

Some hint are given on a timer, others when doing a specific action. Thus you sometimes are reading one hint while an other pops up and forces you to read it. For example I was reading something while the bit of hint about “giving orders” jumped to my head. incidently it tried to high light the “give order” button, while it was covered by the previous bit of hint. At first read I thought that it was highlighting a sentence in the other hint.

Indeed, that bit really needs some work, everything you say is true and a good point, it’s something I will make less intrusive and more user friendly when I get around to it (soon!)