Design Suggestions

Well, i’m opening this thread to create a collection of good designs for your favorite race!
Post your helpful designs here, or ask for suggestions on improvements of your design.
Have fun!

name = heavy cruiser
guiname = Heavy Cruiser
hull = Tribe Freedom Cruiser hull

0 = cruiser_pointdefence,
1 = cruiser_beamlaser,
2 = cruiser plasma,
3 = cruiser_beamlaser,
4 = cruiser droidbay,
5 = cruiser_beamlaser,
6 = cruiser power III,
7 = cruiser power III,
8 = cruiser shield fastrecharge,
9 = cruiser droidbay,
10 = cruiser_engine III,
11 = cruiser_engine III,
12 = cruiser_ecm shield,
13 = cruiser plasma,
14 = cruiser plasma,
15 = cruiser powered armor,
16 = crsr_tribe_enhanced_repair,
17 = cruiser shield fastrecharge,
This is my Heavy Tribe Cruiser that excels at beating frigates and cruisers, accompany him with a contingency of dogfighter-fighters or a frigate flak
Oh to add this design copy the code and paste it on notepad then save as heavy cruiser.txt on mygames\GratuitousSpaceBattles\ships

Probably my most common Tribal configuration.

name = tr cr 2k spam plasma fd
guiname = Tr Cr 2K Spam Plasma FD
hull = Tribe Harmony Cruiser hull

0 = cruiser plasma,
1 = cruiser plasma,
2 = cruiser tractor,
3 = cruiser plasma,
4 =
5 = cruiser_laser,
6 = cruiser power,
7 = cruiser power II,
8 =
9 = cruiser shield multiphasic,
10 = cruiser shield reflective,
11 = cruiser crew III,
12 =
13 =
14 = cruiser_beamlaser,
15 =
16 = cruiser_engine II,
17 = crsr_tribe_enhanced_repair,

filippe999 Do you have any challenges up? It is really hard to tell the benefits of a ship design without actually going into combat with it.

Both here and online.

no, my online code never worked and steam forgot my support ticket ¬_¬.
your design is interesting, full plasma oriented tribal cruiser? cool “eat plasma alien scum!” this might be effecive at both frigate and cruisers right?

Works well against all ships - slightly less so against fighters but tagging the tractor beam with the cruiser laser works as adequate fighter defense. Better would be the pulse laser but the DPS for a CL is needed for the rush cruisers who slide under the plasma. The Beam ensures that there is good hope against armoured tanks.

I used it in spam fleets where its under 2000K costs helps in multiplying cruiser numbers. Works best with Tribe since the increased hull defense allows less expensive hulls with almost the same HP. This cruiser has more HP than the tutorial cruiser, about a 1000 HP more - yet 600 credits less. What you lose in quality (shields / armour) is made up in quantity. For ever 3 of your ‘heavy cruiser’ I gain an extra hull.

Also - your armour level is pretty superfluous - with an average of 3 it will be taken down by any weapon (aka fighters). I would either remove it for a high hull HP item or an extra shield. Exchange at least one of your fast recharge shields for a Multi-phasic shield (your shields will have the resistance of the highest rated shield) or better yet a reflective and a Multi-phasic shield. Switching your droid bays for armoured crew bays will increase your hit points from 3758 - 4038. For tribe anything high in HP is a big bonus.

And the biggie - is try and get your online codes because there is nothing like going up against a real person.

Misses the SAC days

Thanks for the tip! but i just got my GSB working again and my modules are all resetted, i dont have even droid bays anymore :(.
So tractor beam is really useful? i never thought he would be this effective against the annoying swarms, but i didn’t tried either :P.
Too bad Steam doesn’t own a SAC service… :frowning:

Tractor beams are the end all and be all for anti-fighter defense. Excepting the Parasite Flak Cannon. A sitting goose is a roasted goose. SAC is a challenge that existed way down a year or so ago. You can search the Tournament forum. Once you get your honour up and your components; run down to the challenges and see how the deployments end up. They are nothing like the preloaded ‘battles’ that are packaged in GSB.

See you in the challenges.