Desired Jobs glitch...

First, can anyone tell me how or if having ministers in jobs they desire is beneficial? Sometimes I want a minister for a post he or she doesn’t want.

Also, I noticed an earlier post that points out that when a game is loaded, the groups to whom ministers are sympathetic change. Apparently this has been resolved. However, I notice that when I load a game, few (or none) of my ministers are in jobs they desire any more.


Hi, if you have the latest version, that should definitely be fixed. it is beneficial,. because its one of the factors that determines how efficiently they do their jobs. Efficient ministers raise more money in terms of tax, and keep costs down of other policies. They act as a multiplier for the effectiveness of all policies in their dept.

I do have the latest version- I just bought the game a few days ago. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think my version is still experiencing problems with minsters’ choice of position on a load.

interesting… was this a copy bought direct from me at positech? or through a third party. Just trying to work out if this might be an older copy before the relevant patch.

On the main screen, there should be a version number at the very top right. What does this say?