Destroyers, Corvettes and Patrol Boats - Oh My!

“The Great GSB Modding Congress of 20111”
I can see it now :smiley:
Of course the agreement will be the hardest part, modding is all about customization so by definition maybe we shouldn’t technically try to agree :stuck_out_tongue:

True, to get a common consensus in a community is hard, but at the moment we are only talking about different classes.

As i said in the Dready Thread.

The purpose of this thread is for people to post their opinion on these types of ship, while it would be awesome if a common consensus could be reached and we get consistency across the mods - It will be ultimately up to the modder do decide if they wish to use the suggestions here or go with their own.

Doh just realized:

Ah well, it may just take that long to reach an agreement (If we use American-style Congress)

hey there! corresponding to my post in the other thread, I figured I’d ramble on about subcapital ships as well.

for me, I’ve got several classes:
fighters/interceptors- these are small, fast ships, mainly for antimissile and antifighter attack. 5-8
Bomber - larger ships designed for anticapitalship runs when screened by fighters or other targets. think B-17. 10-12
Gunboat - (note to cliffski- after you get done with whatever you’re doing, could you finagle turrets onto fighters? somehow?) this can mount only one gun, but this can be frigate-class weapons. tends to be built around the turret. 20-30

Frigate- about what you’d expect, fair balance on turrets and modules. 60-80
Corvette- optimised for antimissile and antifighter role, 100-130
Destroyer-anticapital ship, not much room in the chassis for advanced systems.100-150

that’s it. I’d love a few more ship classes, so I could make certain weapons exclusive to these.
oh, and should cliff read this, can we get an exclusion variable? like the opposite of the ‘restricted’ one. or maybe add it as a race perimeter?

i agree with all of your points here, exept the bomber should be a little smaller like 8-10 but thats just a minor…

and then the corvettes you put larger than frigates?? could be a typo, or not, but i seems pretty wierd to me…

that’s only because my 'vettes tend to be wider to allow greater turret spread-

this might be a frigate-

and this a 'vette.
. .

so the 'vette is actually smaller, but due to its width it needs a bigger graphic, as the frigates tend to be more square. naturally, these are only averages, as some races favor larger or smaller ships.

The “whatever he’s doing” is designing Positech’s next game. The effort going into that is why you see little to no official improvements being made to GSB. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to change. The days of getting frequent and substantial new functionality added to GSB are pretty much done.

Refer to above. Would it be useful? Yes. Do I expect to see it happen? No.