Dev Diary 2 - New Policies (Short)

[size=100]Dev Diary 2 - New Policies (Short)[/size]

In this Dev Diary, I’ll be talking about new policies available in the new update and policies for Vatican City (which are available for all my mods).

A big thing that I want to add in Democracy 3 are policies for different types of nations, as all nations don’t always share the same policies. For example Vatican City wouldn’t share the same policies has Saudi Arabia.

In the new update there will be 74 new policies, that’s right 74 NEW policies. And in that 74, 18 NEW religious policies!

[size=80]Religious Institutions Tax[/size]

[size=80]Corporate Religious Regulations[/size]

[size=80]Mandatory Church Donation[/size]

[size=80]Religious Council of State[/size]

[size=80]Religious Courts[/size]

[size=80]Religious Holidays[/size]

[size=80]Religious State Health Service[/size]

[size=80]Scout Movement Subsidies[/size]

[size=80]Religious Police[/size]

All these policies that you have seen are a small minority of the amount of policies which will be added in the FREE update! Coming Soon!


[size=80]Fair Trade Subsidies[/size]

I hope you are excited for these new policies and I will be adding more, all you have to do is suggest them


In the next dev diary, I’ll be showing you some new Overrides (changes to existing policies and simulations)!

Sounds absolutely awesome - can’t wait for this :smiley: