Developer Blog #12: Activism


On the intelligence briefing, I notice that the Battenburg Group is nowhere, seemingly replaced by The Invisible Hand (love the refrence). Will different countries have different names for their groups? For that matter, will different radical groups be possible? (inb4 vicious gangs of old ladies)

On that note; if stuff from D3Africa will be there, might the voter groups themselves be different in different countries? Some might have fishers instead of farmers. This seems like something modders will want to run with.

I wonder if in Democracy 4 it would be much harder to have approval rate of <10% or >90%

Happiness distribution should be something like Gaussian distribution in all groups.
Most people in groups having approval rate of X% ± standard deviation for example 10% lower or higher.
There should be very few people with extremely low/high approval, unless you are actively going against/pro interest of that group.

By the way if you maximize inequality, enable all policies that lower wages, poor/middle income/wealthy incomes then population should fall - due to emigration and starvation.
Also if you have private only healthcare/education and other services, then they should be much less effective for poor people especially if you lower their incomes.

Its a good point regarding the names of the different groups. This is something we are likely to get implemented during early access, as we add more countries. Its certainly possible, although it may be confusing,. as player guide/tutorial references groups by name in some places.

excuse me, i want to buy democracy 4 for my birthday, i don’t had any democracy before. When democracy 4 will exit in Italy?

not exactly sure yet…

sicuramente non già a giugno vero?