Developer Blog #20: The Laffer Curve

The latest dev video…hope you like it :smiley:


Other than for certain small specialized medical or scientific facilities (their main purpose is not power generation afaik), Austria currently has no fission reactors. When the first one was gonna be built, it never got turned on. (Ironically that means there is a power plant there that could technically be entirely used but simply never was. It’s now used as a training facility)
I suppose the 0 of that slider effectively is kind of equivalent to that, but really it’s closer to that policy being flat out cancelled :stuck_out_tongue:
Seems to me CO2 emission should change more for that policy as well. And since these things are being operated and constructed, state employees probably also ought to see a boost at the high end?

Really looking forward to the balancing changes

I wonder if my democratic socialism (I did everything to please unions and socialists) save will survive it.
Everything, that has state X option is nationalized.
@cliffski I have small suggestion: Can you add scrollbar to expenditure/income window, so we can see policies with lesser expenditure and income?

I’m not 100% sure that existing save games play too nicely with the changes, at least in the first few turns, but I think it does smooth out after a while. Still its better to start a new game to get the real effect :smiley:

Yup the fission data needs balancing. I haven’t really decided on the state employees thing… I am thinking of it more as a subsidy or guarantee or plan to pay security/decommissioning costs for plants that are otherwise privately run, rather than an actual state energy policy.

You can get the effect of energy investment creating state employees with the nationalized energy industry policy though.

I played for 50 turns before screenshots, so stuff managed to stabilize.
I guess getting there is harder now.
With normalization being present it will be even harder :smiley:

Shame that auth gameplay doesn’t yield more money (using all police/law related policies to get tax evaders), just that allows you ignore poverty, equality and racial tensions altogether :stuck_out_tongue:
Public tax returns, capital controls, import tariffs and tax shelters are ones reducing tax evasion situations.