Developer Priority Vote (Alpha 1.05)

What should the developer’s priority be for the next 2 weeks?

  • Fixing actual crash bugs
  • Fixing logic bugs in the resource system
  • Improving gameplay balance
  • Tech tree expansion
  • User interface improvements
  • Graphical improvements

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Because so much has changed, its time to start another poll. What would you like to see as the development priority starting with build 1.05 and moving onwards through the next two weeks?

Looking forward to trying the new build and I really appreciate your active participation in the forums and how quickly you’re integrating feedback!

For the next few builds, I would really like to see some preliminary balancing to make manufacturing more obviously a worthwhile choice. Right now it costs a lot to set up, takes up a lot of space, and doesn’t improve profitability much (or at least it’s not noticeable).

IMHO Crash bugs shouldn’t even be an option. Those are obviously a top priority regardless of what the focus is.

Striving to get some balance into the game is my choice. Whether that’s fixing the resource system or tweaking stock requirements and prices, doesn’t matter.

Yup very true, but its always interesting to see how many people are experiencing crashes vs those who are not so I can calibrate my time.

I do experience crashes but honestly, the routing priority needs fixing more as the crashes arn’t that frequent.

If there’s manifacture of an item (Or in a stockpile) then move item from there. And if not, then it may order out.

From some testing done - in the lower budget games its still very difficult to get ahead because even though the stations now order parts 1 at a time stations like fit engine are still requesting huge numbers of valves as they go through the system (although it had dropped from 24 values to 12 now) - hence my vote for improved resource delivery logic

The logic also needs improvement in the way it looks for resources from local production facilities (i have 3 make wheel stations) all in a row but only production from one is ever taken - even though i have a basically empty stockpile which wants 20 wheels in stock on the same conveyor system
(or does that need to wait for the research about more logical resource routing before it will work) - From what i can work out the way stockpiles seem to order resources is slower than the rate they can be produced meaning resources from production facilities arent moved to stockpiles

(and the system still doesnt prioritise locally made parts if the path to them is further away than the import socket)

First post here, Done a bit of digging and reading. Love the game and the response on the forums to issues.

I vote Crash bugs, as in my mind (not a programmer, i’m a welder) without fixing them it could make future additions or adjustments harder to fix.

To me id say these in order
Crash bugs
Logic bugs
Tech tree

Just my 2 cents, Cheers

I agree with Jackets. But I voted to fix the resource system because it might be a source for other crashes and it might also make the game lighter to run because importers wouldn’t be too jammed with part requests.