Developer priority Vote (Alpha 1.12)


What should the developer’s priority be for the next 2 weeks?

  • Fixing resource-routing issues
  • Improving the car-sales financial model
  • Adding to the tech tree
  • Marketing
  • Scenarios & achievements
  • More car types
  • Defects & Car quality

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What would you like to see as the development priority starting with build 1.12 and moving onwards through the next two weeks?


Think the most important thing right now is a proper car-sales financial model.
Close behind that should be Marketing and fixing the resource-routing issues.
After those it would be a good plan to add to the tech tree and have more car types.
Scenarios & achievements and Defects & Car quality would be something for a later stage.


I think the most annoying thing for ‘new’ players is the time they produce so many cars with their nice factory that the cars will sell periodically. If you don’t have enough money to fill the stock with 100 or 150 cars you will go bankrupt and the game is over. That can be very frustrating …

And yes, I know that it is possible to modify the settings but a) not everyone has the knowledge how to, b) not everyone wants to modify game data and c) even if you do the modifications you will have to take care of each update.

So even I prefer other priority for myself I think this would have a benefit for most of the players …


FWIW My current schedule shows the artists starting new cars towards the end of the month, so expect some new car types in April!


That’s a big yay from my side. :smiley:


Do you plan on changing the way models of cars are handled? The pop-ups get really annoying with every feature change. By adding in more types, the problem just becomes more compounded.


Yes, I have a plan in place for this and will be starting work on it soon. Basically car ‘models’ are defined by the base body type(right now we only have one type), and all you will need to do is set a markup for the car, and adjust (if you want to) markups for features. then the prices of combinations will be handled automatically.
So WAY fewer popups :smiley:


Sounds like good new but - please excuse me beeing a bit skeptical - I will wait till I see it in-game before I cheer.
So looking for the new features and stuff :slight_smile:


Excellent. I’ll enjoy that! I’ve very impressed with your work sir, thanks for the games.


Key bindings would be nice also, to improve gameplay.

I own a Azerty Keyboard and the game works Qwerty that is a bit annoying.