Developer video blog #29: Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition



Thanks for the active updates especially around new years and christmas. Love the game I have democracy 3 with all the dlc and got 4 a while back on steam.

Another way to do religious tax, rather than all those detail changes, would be to have it boost charity. I see you have the corruption boost in there too, so no need to get into that.

I saw you wondering about this in the comments section, so here we go.

The United States government is allowed to put “In God we Trust” on its money, despite having firm separation of church and state, because it’s considered vague enough to just be a broad invocation of higher powers/endorsement of religion rather than an actual endorsement of a particular religion or religious practice. As for being sworn in the bible, it’s actually a document of the swearer’s choice. This is typically the appropriate holy text of their religion, but civic documents can be used as well. To my knowledge, only one president has been sworn in on another religion’s book (LBJ).

As for “more religious policies”, what seems like a hole for me is something to model French secularism. Restrictions on religious expression with the intention of secularizing politics (and sticking it to immigrants). More options for American-style “we like religion but don’t care about which one” pluralism would be fun as well. Maybe religious holidays for a smaller policy?

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