Diary of a Space Tyrant 2: A New Tyrant Rises

::Update - 26/04/2013::

sorry for massive bump, but as many of you may have gathered, i’ve stopped doing this

additionally i’d like to add that this is now unable to be continued because i changed some ship designs

i respectfully ask that this be locked

[size=50](perhaps when i gain new interest, and complete english 10)[/size]


So inspired by Redd13 (and my thanksgiving break) i’m starting up my own series, just for fun.
Also you all know that my grammar is not good, so grammar nazis get your fingers ready.

Here is a rundown on the parameters
1 only ships will be used, no space stations
2 the max cost will be the max cost i can do with the way i can figure out how to get to fleets to fight each other (which my only idea is with the online challenge)
3 any module from a mod that can be used by othere races can be used in the ship design (example: ballista cannon from P.ind. to Federation)
4 profit!

here is a rundown of the mods i’l be using, brace yourselfs
1 Frigate Squad (with sizes tweaked)(also referred to as frigate fighters)
2 Deserters
3 Star Wars Reloaded (adds 3 races)
4 Fighter Gatling
5 Frigate Power Generator 4
6 Frigate Crew 3
7 Legios
8 Pirates
9 Praetorian Industries (probably the only time this won’t be abbreviated)
10 Scavenger
11 Union
12 Uni-t
13 xedilco (not updated sorry GATC i’m lazy)
14 All DLC races
15 Classic Dreadnoughts
16 Gundam

this match will start as soon as i have significant results and finish building fleets for the races i don’t have one for yet. also if the outcast are released while this is in progress they (obviously) won’t be added. (OH and the order and the empire will not have tiny frigate fighters because they look bad with them(sorry i deleted the files for the ships, there’s no way to bring them back))

unfortunately, the parasites will not get the frigate fighters, as the glitch out graphically.

I want to see your best fleet face redd’s best fleet. That would be awesome. Could you consider including my realspace 3 mod? You’d be the first person to download it. I don’t have any hulk animations but there aren’t any bugs that I know of and I balanced it pretty well.

put some pictures in and i will consider (your topic not this one)


This will be quite different of the Redd13 one cause of the mod you use (I think more of the Frigate and Fighter mod)
Why not? ^^

About the Gundam mod, why change a cruiser to a frigate?
Sometimes, the mod maker deliberately make some ship “the wrong size”. (Look at my mod ^^)

[size=200]LET THE GAMES BEGIN[/size]

ok here how this is gonna go down each battle is gonna get one picture at the end the results will be tallied up and the present like sports stats exe: 3-0 the first one being wins the next losses

i will be using the uni-t final to base the maches this gives me 600 pilots and about 250,000
each races ships will be revealed when its there turn, i know your dieing to see that p ind fleet
will be doing weakest to strongest, then the added mods in accordance to the first Diary of a Space Tyrant.
you know that means the alliance gets to suffer first
(because my hand don’t like writing, when a battle is completed it will be added to this actively meaning that i will use the edit button much, stay tuned it will be maybe 20 mins between each battle)

now to introduce the fleet: (you can get pictures with this mediafire link the parentheses next to the name, is what the image is named)


Light Battle Cruiser (Light Cruiser)
Basic cruiser used a lot among the 6 legged empire. The armament isn’t super but it works

Battle Cruiser (Battle Cruiser)
Slightly ever so sightly better then the light version never the less it’s fielded in much small numbers

Support Cruiser (Hangers)
The place the fighters go when they need to be fixed mostly armed for dealing with fighters

Dreadnought (Dreadnought)
The cannon of the fleet so well armed and spacious they had room for a target booster


Anti-Fighter Frigate (AA frigate)
as you may have thought every slot is a anti-fighter missile

Battle Frigate (Battle Frigate)
armed with some ions and some phasors and even some missiles/torpedos

Fast Frigate (Fast Frigate) NOT USED
its fast and its got blasters what more could you want


Fighter (fighter)
with a pulse laser and a targeting computer its fast, accurate, and cheap

Bomber (Bomber)
despite my best effort this is still a slow ship but its cheap and it got a great right hook

Battle Corvette (Bomber Scud)
now this bee stings, HARD. this is the last thing you want to meet en-mass with 5 torpedo tubes at its disposal making things ash is its specialty.

Fighter Corvette (Fighter Scud)
used to escort high value ships or dreadnoughts this ship with its 4 pulse lasers and a anti-fighter missile its rips fighters up in addition its also has a targeting computer

the fleet is set up haphazardly with the exception of its 3 dreadnoughts which have 4 Anti-Fighter Frigates in front and behind it as well as Support Cruisers on bolth sides

Alliance vs Order

The Fleets warp in and the order has a line of ships that looks like a wall of steel. The fighters shoot off the alliance’s far out numbered but this doesn’t matter because the fighters shoot off for each others escorting fighters, quickly being killed by cruiser and frigate anti-fighter fire. then the bombers arrive, they also fail to do anything. by this point the lose of fighters has given the Alliance the advantage that is short lived, as the security of the order wall comes apparent as frigate and cruiser alike fall from the the fire from it. eventual the dreadnoughts finally get there and find there fleet in rubble, they soon join them.
Alliance 1% - Order 85%

Alliance vs Pirates

The fighters and the fast frigates shoot of, the fighters once again passing each other up in the center and then being annihilated. the pirate fast frigates become only a nuisance for the alliance dieing shortly there after. as the fleets close the grouping of the pirates puts them on a bad foot, but then the alliance dose the same thing and many frigate explosions latter the cruisers are weak and die and the dreadnoughts find themselves alone again and though one in the center put up a valiant fight it was to little to late.
Alliance 4% - Pirates 88%

Alliance vs Xedilco

The fast frigates fighters and fast bombers of xedilco move up, as there super long range missiles fire at the other fleet. as the xedilco fighters and bombers close the alliance fighters finaly decide to chase the incoming fighters, well at least some of them. The fast frigates (of xedilco) while not doing much damaged really pissed off the alliance gunners because they continue to try and kill them until the xedilco fleet is on top of them, costing them a possible win because this time when the alliance dreadnoughts get to the battle there still some friendly ships left, in the center anyway, but still that was to little and the alliance fail yet again.
Alliance 10% - Xedilco 85%

Alliance vs Nomads

The nomads fighters an other assorted fast things shoot up front as the alliance fighters intercept this bad for the bombers on the flanks but the corvettes in the center have shields and are untouched until they meet the cruisers despite there fearsome array of weapons they fail to do any significant damage. Meanwhile alliance fighters that did not intercept fly into the nomad ranks which is largely under guarded past the front line. the front line is also out numbed by the amount of alliance ships and falls, along with all the frigates behind them, giving the alliance a huge lead. it is short lived as most of the remaining fleet is frigates which rush ahead and get killed leaving the cruiser alone, and just as they die the dreadnoughts get into range, the north and south once are heavily out number as most of the nomad fleet split but the center one puts up a fight, causing one cruiser to retreat and significant damage to 2 more before dying and the alliance losing again.
Alliance 9% - Nomads 52%

Alliance vs Legios

The legios fighters and bombers shoot off and then die, failing to do much hurt, then the battle groups of frigates come and also fail. the fleets meet and the legios take heavy damage, but however the alliance ships die, when there dreadnoughts get to the front they put up a awesome fight even destroying a few cruisers but to no avail, they die and alliance has failed again.
Alliance 3% - Legios 74%

Alliance vs Tribe

the tribe fast frigates assisted by corvettes pound the front ranks of the alliance into dust, but long range fire dose the same to the tribes front ranks. eventually the front rank of the tribe falls. however this only evens the score as the alliance’s front and middile ranks look like swiss cheese. What is left of the alliance is decimated in the south but not in the north where the last dreadnoughts seams to be hell bent on flying of the left side of the screen (it started on the right) all goes well until it loses its shield its then destroyed again. and the alliance loses again.
Alliance 1% - Tribe 56%

Alliance vs Swarm

Swarm fighters and corvettes attacked with a vengeance as if they had something to lose, destroying many frigates and at least 2 cruisers then the fleets meet and swarm frigates are killed by alliance frigates which are killed by swarm cruisers, and unfortunately for the alliance they kills there cruises to, the dreadnoughts are then swamped by frigates and die except for the one in the center which kills a cruiser and 2 frigates before its light goes out.
Alliance 2% - Swarm 64%

Alliance vs Rebels

The fighters clash and they fail to do damage to the main fleets which they cross with when the frigates meet the alliance attack with a vengeance and destroy most every rebel frigate. then the cruisers meet and initially the alliance does good destroying at least 2 cruisers this changes when the rebel’s dreadnoughts (and escorting cruisers) get to the front and the alliance line crumbles when the alliance dreadnoughts get to the front there’s nothing left and they soon join their friends in the space grave.
Alliance 9% - Rebels 67%

Alliance vs Parasites

Once again the fast attackers fail to do anything significant but when the fleets hit, the parasites front line folds and they lose 4 cruisers and many frigates, not to say the alliances loss were heavy too, just not as heavy, though only just barely. when the parasites back ranks get to the front it is the alliance line that folds and when the dreadnoughts catch up they die.
Alliance 8% - Parasites 67%

Alliance vs Empire

even though the empire has a lot of bombers they fail at doing anything and when to fleets meet frigate lose are widespread on both sides and because the empires dreadnoughts are in the front the alliance gets steam rolled. ESPECIALLY in the north, but in the center its almost a even mach as most of the ships around the center dreadnoughts are gone but the empire one is stronger and the alliance loses again
Alliance 4% - Empire 84%

Alliance vs Scavengers

Scavenger fighters and bombers though very numerous don’t do much other thank killing a few frigates as the fleets close in the scavengers have superior weapons and it shows as cruiser after cruiser and frigate after frigate fall until all that’s left is the dreadnoughts which also die quickly
Alliance 3% - Scavengers 60%

Alliance vs Union

as the unions fighters go move forward they are cut down with relative ease because of the slowness then the front ranks of the union take heavy fire but dish it out to and survived long enough for the union Windspears and Resolutes to get to the front the reaming alliance ships focus on the 2 Resolutes but the union engineers are miracle workers and save the shields from going down, for if that happened they would have surely lost, and just as the shields look like they’re about to falter the combined fire from the Resolutes and Windspears overwhelm the alliance fleet, and then steam roll whats left.
Alliance 9% - Union 66%

Alliance vs Federation

the federation fighters and bombers and corvettes move forward and only give the enemy dents before being blown out of space. then the groups meet and the alliance is steam rolled by the federation, mainly because of the sheer mass of missiles that they had the only thing that the alliance can say was good is that their southern dreadnought almost destroyed a federation dreadnought taking out all its weapons but again the sheer mass of missiles ends the battle again in yet another alliance loss.
Alliance 2% - Federation 72%

Alliance vs Uni:T

For once I will agree with the uni:t AI, the alliance is trash and they need to be removed, and they did just that, long range lasers, guns and all sort of other things pulverized the alliance fleet before they even got into firing range. when they got into firing range they were greeted by divesting short range guns, and yet in all this anarchy they somehow managed to kill a dreadnought! it was all downhill after that.
Alliance 6% - Uni:T 79%

Alliance vs Praetorian Industries

The P. Ind. fighters and so called ‘scuds’ move up and even though they have powerful weapons they fail to do much damage, other than agents other fighters. and then die shortly after. At this point long range fire from the praetorians is cutting up the alliance despite this, they almost destroy a dreadnought that is above the praetorian leviathan. to the leviathan commanders relief the dreadnought survives. after this the guys in the yellow ships decided that more pain was needed and destroyed the alliance like the pests they were.
Alliance 5% - Praetorian Industries 89%

Alliance vs Republic

the republics fighter highly outclass any alliance fighter, and as a result just about everyone that dared get into range of republic fighters died, however the republic main ships don’t have as long range ballista cannons like every other race dose (there’s a ‘commercial version’ unlockable in the fleet HQ) because they were made old and it costs them there shields but no mater these ship are stronger than a tribe ship. the light show really starts when the republic ships get close and let all there little and big blaster turn the alliance into swiss cheese that had additional holes punched into it.
Alliance 4% - Republic 83%

Alliance vs Deserters

All fighters fail to do anything, even the really fast ones from the deserters which do 5.00 but as the fleets close the lightly armored front of the deserters, though well armed can’t handle the combined firepower of all the alliance. it crumbles and leaves the dreadnought groups to fight for them self. and suddenly the alliance has a real shot at victory as they destroy one dreadnought and make the other 2 and one of there weapon supports cruisers fall back, but they have exhausted their basic ships leaving only the dreadnoughts which all alone cant handle the heavy weapons on the weapon support cruisers that are left.
Alliance 3% - Deserters 58%

Alliance vs Outer Rim Pirates

now these pirates are crazy they made fighters missile and despite there jerry-rigid missiles being powerful they don’t do much. when that’s done a bunch of frigates not much bigger then fighters come up and the bridges in the alliance ships explode with laughter, that is until the little frigates missiles smash through the bridge windows making the bridge actually explode and once the surprisingly strong frigates are done with they face a crap load of cruiser that are about the size of a frigate, and there captains are crazy they fly them straight underneath the the dreadnoughts and blow them up but surprisingly not themselves.
Alliance 10% - Outer Rim Pirates 72%

Alliance vs Gundam

The Gundam fighter-bomber scream ahead blowing up fighters, frigates, and final cruisers. they are so fast and so well armored that nothing can stop them they destroy well over half the fleet before the stranded battleship get into firing range but there is a heavy loss of fighters over all, but by the time there number become manageable the main fleet is already destroying the dreadnoughts
Alliance 3% - Gundam 84%

Alliance vs Galactic Empire

All right final battle, I really shouldn’t have had to run the battle;
well here it is anyway, all the TIE fighters, interceptor and bombers head off most bombers destroyed before they get there, the fighters destroyed by anti-fighter fire. when the fleets meet the empires frigates fall but the heavy cruisers are behind them and there swinging one kills 3 frigates and a cruiser before dying. with the front ranks of the alliance dead the dreadnoughts, for the last time try to make something out of the battle they fail.
Alliance 4% - Galactic Empire 83%

Ok i knew the alliance would suck but not this much…

here is the very bland finals sheet

Praetorian Industries 1-0
Uni:T 1-0
Republic 1-0
Galactic Empire 1-0
Gundam 1-0
Outer Rim Pirates 1-0
Empire 1-0
Pirates 1-0
Tribe 1-0
Swarm 1-0
Federation 1-0
Rebels 1-0
Scavengers 1-0
Legios 1-0
Parasites 1-0
Nomads 1-0
Xedilco 1-0
Order 1-0
Union 1-0
Deserters 1-0
Alliance 0-20

Sorry to interrupt you, but I have taken a look at your ship designs.
I think I know why the Alliance is been destroyed so hard.
Don’t take it personally, I know that you don’t have that much experience playing GSB but:
Your designs are very ineffective!

Never put on the same ship: Regen, Multiphase and reflective shield.
The best configuration I know are:
1 Reflective + 2-3 Multiphase
3-4 Mk 2 shield (Cost more than the first but don’t have the weakness of “If the reflective shield fall, the whole shield resistance fall” nor the shield imbalance.)
3-4 Regen (But it tend to cost a lot for what it does…)

Frigate shield: Mk 2 is the best option, cause deflector is near useless (cost a lot for the poor stats).

Allience is a armour friendly species. they tend to be far more effective with large armour than large shield.
My build with them is to use Armour with a single reflex shield for initial protection.

Fourth (but not for the Alliance.)
Your tribe ship seem to not be equip with tribe repair system. That’s their main defence system ^^’

Before making whole fleet fighting each other to death, I think you need to learn one or two tricks of this game ^^’
If you want, I can help you improve your design (And I’m not the only one who can help you ^^ )

P.S. About the shield:
Cruiser A use the 1Reflective + 3Multiphasic
On a constant attack, the Reflec always fall first, so, there is a hole in the shield.
Every weapons that can damage the Reflective shield will inflict (on average) 75% of damage to shield and 25% to the hull
There are many weapons with a 9 shield pen!

Cruiser B use 4 MK 2 Shield
On a constant attack, all shields will fall in short interval.
Cause the same rule apply, during the short period where only one of the four shield have collapse, only weapons with 20 shield pen will do there work.

So use Ref+Mult if you want a shield that last long and if the opponent use high shield penetration weapons.
Use only MK 2 if you want a shield that will protect your ship until the end (and negating the maximum of hull damages), and when your enemy is beamlaser-spamming.

thanks, most of this is news to me
all my frigates use a mod sheild, though it has a slow regen its pretty strong

expect the next series to get a started Tuesday night.

also some suggestions for which race should battle next?

If you use modded content people with out that mod will not be able to challenge you. Even transferring race specific components from one race to the other means other people will not be able to face them. And if you have a mod and you forget to check it off when posting or retaliating challenges people will have problems retaliating.

I have countless times had a retaliation come back from a post with a comment about my fleets lack of _________ but I cannot investigate because - modded content was used. And the frigate shield mk 3 has been a steady problem.

Mods and Challenges need to be fixed.

in the OP i listed all the mods i’m using, this shield is from the star wars reloaded mod. don’t worry, when it’s time to release it i’ll list exactly what mods you need.

Sure it has the highest strength and resistance (but neither being enough for significant impact) but it costs 1.5x as much as MkII, and has under 1/3 the regen. You get less bang for buck, and it won’t stay up for nearly as long. Decrease in hitpoints also nearly neutralizes increase in shield in terms of overall strength. If you get hit by a -80 volley it will keep the shield up while the MkII falls, but realistically it’s not worth the boosts.

Time for next set of battles, (check back in 2 days) as there was no suggestion on what to do next we will follow the chain on the 1st post which means the Order is up next
Here’s the pictures for this fleets ship’s, also include are deployments (for order and alliance sense i didn’t give deployments for the lliance one) anyway cliky me!

as demonstration by the picture the order is set up like a wall


Battle Cruiser
Standard battle cruiser, safe to be in and gives out quite a bit of fire

Light Battle Cruiser
Lighter Version of the Battle Cruiser (duh!) crew should know despite its small size it’s just as safe as the big one, at the expense of some weapons

Dose what you think it dose, carriers fighters thus it mostly equipped to deal with other fighters.


Battle Frigate
It’s a frigate, and it battles… Survival rates are low.

Anti-Fighter Frigate (AA Frigate)
Shoots at fighters and then fighters die, gets shot at by thing bigger than fighter, and it dies.

Fast Frigate
Despite it basically being a giant engine it still has room to power 3 weapons.


It’s a fighter and it has a gun and a targeting computer, the end.

It’s slow and not safe, we advise you to have life insurance

Order vs Federation

as the fleets close the Order quickly demonstrate they like air support and proceed to destroy all Fed corvette, fighters, and Bombers. With there fighters gone the Feds try to strike back with missiles, but because of the Order’s wall formation their guidance scrambler over-lap with each other and stop 85% of all incoming missiles. With the feds main weapon system not usable they try to push with close fire, but are decimated by mass cruise lasers. Now there only option is to run, but they don’t get far.
Order 77% - Federation 8%

Order vs Rebels

Once again the Order takes air superiority, but it helps that all the Rebel fighters were on escort duty. with all the Rebel bombers and corvettes dead they head for the cruisers where they are quickly massacred. as the Rebels approach the wall they, being spread out are produced into swiss cheese. as the Dreadnoughts close they find the same fate. when the last one dies its the end and the rebels have lost.
Order 81% - Rebels 9%

Order vs Empire

The Fight for air superiority last the whole battle as a few of the order cruiser are distracted by fighters, but most of the order pulverize the Empires, tightly packed groups, which is bad when a giant dreadnought explodes in the middle. this becomes the pattern as the order pick of cruisers every few seconds despite the very powerful shields and when the last dreadnought group explodes its clear who has won.
Order 64% - Empire 8%

Ok back to our regular programming, problems with the new graphics card put me on a ride

Order vs Tribe

The tribe pounds the orders wall flying in at a marginally not fast speed. The wall hit back… HARD. despite the tribes supper strong hulls they are no mach for all the blasters focused on one ship, (that’s the AI, i did not give them that one order that has them target one ship) as soon as they get into range the ship pops like a soap bubble and the few that do survive, survive long enough to put holes in the wall, unfortunately there are no ships left to fly through the holes.
Order 68% - Tribe 8%

Order vs Swarm

The swarm ships throw themselves at the order wall and each time one gets in range it blows up. even though the swarm has the numerical advantage with 8 cruisers vs 5 cruisers in the south the swarm’s ships liking to crumble like a piece of wet paper does not help them in this endeavor and the swarm ads to the orders victories.
Order 85% - Swarm 9%

Order vs Nomads

Nothing special to report again, the nomads move in very ineffective vs the ‘wall of dearth’ and they melt away like ice in a desert.
Order 85% - Nomads 8%

Order vs Parasites

Once again the attacking races flies straight for the wall, once again there vaporized. nothing especial to report
Order 75% - Parasites 10%

Order vs Gundam

as you may have expect there was a change. the gundam fighter-bombers chew through order wall like a hot bullet through butter. again about half the enemy fleet is rubble when the rest of the fleet catches up with the fighters. and once again bu the time the fighters lose there armor and become manageable the main fleet is eating the leftovers (sorry should use that with the parasites next time)
Order 8% - Gundam 93%

Order vs Uni:T

the fleet pushes the wall, feeling as confident as an AI can feel then the wall opens up, and bam 2 dreadnoughts die as the wall moves on them the many long ranges weapons become useless and the close range ones are mostly for warding of fighters and frigates, ship after ship after ship falls to the wall until the Tanker losses its weapons with out it’s firepower whats left of the uni-t fleet is highly
out-gunned and when the tanker explodes its all over in an amazing upset.
Order 66% - Uni:T 5%

Order vs Deserters

They come to confront the faction that they once were a part of, diplomacy doesn’t go well. The Deserters quickly lose any fighters that weren’t escorting then the wall slams into them, and destroys everything with its ‘Holy’ blaze. when only the dreadnought groups are left they put up a small fight, then they die. maybe the deserters will juts stay away from the order now.
Order 86% - Deserters 9%

Order vs Galactic Empire

The star destroyers move in and quickly establish fighter dominance and the 2 heavy cruisers and 2 star destroyers (and all the frigates) destroy half the fleet but then they die leaving the Super Star Destroyer to fend for it self, things look grim, it’s shields fail. but this is a very capable ship it is soon surrounded but it blows the other half of the Order fleet out of the sky as ship after ship after ship die to mass fire from the Empire’s flagship, at one point its delivering fire to 5 separate targets. needles to say Vader was pleased.
Order 9% - Galactic Empire 55%

Order vs Union

The wall of death moves forward and takes out the frigates and cruisers in the front rank of the union the dreadnoughts in the back cant do much more then the ships in the front did and fall to the sheer amount of fire.
Order 73% - Union 10%

Order vs Republic

The Order moves up and there long range cannons pick apart the republics shields as there light frigates are quickly dealt with and before the republic cannons can deal an effective dose of fire they are dead.
Order 81% - Republic 10%

Order vs Outer Rim Pirates

The pirates ‘die’ bombers end up expending themselves on fighters not doing much then the frigates are destroyed and the finally the cruisers are destroyed. they only leave more than a dent in the orders formation though.
Order 76% - Outer Rim Pirates 10%

Order vs Praetorian Industries

The Praetorians are here to defend there title and make a profit and they successfully do just that as that as there scuds move in and strip cruisers of there shields and frigates of there hulls then the much long range fire destroyed a majority of the fleet and when they get in range the beam cut them like a pizza as they tell the order “you should worship weapons not gods”
Order 7% - Praetorian Industries 72%

Order vs Pirates

The pirates are on the verge of being destroyed when the order’s wall no longer exists as all ship have chose areas to go after allowing the ships to take more fire causing the order HEAVY damadge and the pirates fight defiantly to the end.
Order 26% - Pirates 11%

Order vs Legios

they attack with a vengeance but the legios’ ships are under protected and pop like soap bubbles when the vast order wall nears and obliterates every ship that the legios brought into battle even though the legios weaponry is superior.
Order 83% - Legios 8%

Order vs Scavengers

the scavengers have built ships out of space rocks, space rocks are stronger then strong when they have 100 1/2 tons of steel welded to them but engines don’t work well with that weight so they move slow but still they move and the order decide they needed to die they never accomplished this as there fleet was flanked and destroyed however losses were steep on bolt sides as the order did not jut sit there and let the scavengers flank them but they didn’t get every ship.
Order 10% - Scavengers 23%

Order vs Xedilco

The Xedilco fast ship scream forward and fail to do much damage there frigates cruisers and long range missiles have the same effect as the order wall just walk right over them.
Order 82% - Xedilco 6%

so the order were perty strong guess i did something right

here is the finals sheet 60% more exciting

Praetorian Industries 2-0
Galactic Empire 2-0
Gundam 2-0
Scavengers 2-0
Order 16-4
Uni:T 1-1
Republic 1-1
Outer Rim Pirates 1-1
Empire 1-1
Pirates 1-1
Tribe 1-1
Swarm 1-1
Federation 1-1
Rebels 1-1
Legios 1-1
Parasites 1-1
Nomads 1-1
Xedilco 1-1
Union 1-1
Deserters 1-1
Alliance 0-20

next set of battles is DONE!

next set will start…

as always sugestion on what race to do next always acsepted

i must confess, i’m starting to wonder if any of you even read this at all. yes i realize its not even near the quality that redd did but it still takes a long time never the less. i would like to know if any of you care if this thread continues

Hi there, I’m reading it. I like some of your analogies.

As you said yourself, your grammar and spelling isn’t great. So when there is a wall of text with next to no punctuation, it takes double the effort to understand it.

If I may give some practical advice:
Some of your sentences are so very long that I had lost track of what it was about by the time I reached the end of the sentence. I then had to read the beginning again. After a paragraph or so of this, most people would give up and move on to something else. Try reading some of them out loud to yourself. If you need to take a breath, then that would be a good place to put a full stop.

Use capital letters at the beginning of your sentences. A slab of lower case text does not look easy to read - and it isn’t.

Please take this for what it is - constructive criticism. The internet is still largely text based, relying on the readers’ desire to read the content. As there is so much content out there, it is all too easy to just move on to something that has a better return for the time invested in reading it. It’s up to the writer (in this case you) to make maximise the return.

That said, please keep up the posts. As stated previously, I’m reading them.

guess i’ll proof read them in the future

I’d start today if I was you. This is what I’m talking about.

I suggest typing your posts in a word processor/text editor program first, then using the spelling and grammar checker, then pasting the final draft of the text into a forum post here. That will cut back the workload you would otherwise have to do.

i think i may try that

sorry for hiatus, will get back to this soon