Did someone modded GSB to play on 10 feet wide LCD ??

This video looks quite familiar… any comments ??

Now I’m waiting for the 10 feet wide LCD price to drop,
so I can buy one too and play GSB on it ! :smiley:

cheers, HS

God, the future is hhere!! lol.

Yeah that is a video from the Gratuituous Space Battles 2.0 Extended Edition that will be released in 2015 xDDDDDDDDDDDD
Of course im joking…


But man, that is awesome, sadly i would play it alon cuz i have not much Space Sci-Fi liking friends -.-

Id come play it with you Praetors!


Dude, if you had that I would buy a plane ticket and be right there. I would also consider stealing it, but it’d never fit in my luggage.

lol +1

The only thing between you and walking away with that monster in your luggage is the lack of a hammer. :wink: Here, you can borrow mine. You’re a pretty knowledgable gent - I’m sure you can put all the pieces back together after you return home.

Well, somewhat sure… :slight_smile:

LOL, you guys are geniuses hahaaha