Did you see these?

Did you ever see this notes in-game or are they not used(found in bitmaps\jigsaw) ? If not used why not cliffski ?

By lordarod

I thought they were all being used, but I might be wrong.

I don’t remember seeing them either. I’m guessing that these notes are worth quite a bit in terms of song “quality” since they look to be very complex. Is there some sort of Songwriting skill threshold that you need to reach before getting these notes?

Could be related to an invisible song writing skill.
It’s not music ability related for sure as I once had everyone more than 100% (i cheated) and these didn’t appear even then.
Maybe we’ll see them with a patch after Kudos 2 :wink:

I did notice that there were some types of songwriting inspiration that showed up in the data files, but were not given by any of the other bands or band members…