Difference between countries

I just bought the game, and I have to say I am a little disappointed.

It would seem that all countries are the same thing, facing the same issues, at the very least when you begin the game. The same issues are the critical ones (asthma, pollution, import tarrif)…

Also, some important issues are missing. Like, in Canada, I would have expected something that had to do with separatism (Quebec). But I didn’t see any.

So, did I see something wrong? What is the difference really between the countries, except the weight of the debt?


the make-up of some voter groups is very different too. Compare religion in russia with that of the USA for example. Plus each country has a very different level of fixed unemployment (the basis for that value).
The countries do look similar when you start playing them, but once you play them for a while you will realise that many of them require very different tactics.
There are also country-specific dilemmas, such as the monarchy and fox hunting in the UK, alaskan drilling for the US etc.

Thanks, that’s reassuring.

I still hope to see something related to Quebec separatism with Canada, however.