Difference between engine and powertrain

Hi All,

I think that I don’t understood the different parts of a car.
More specifically between engine and powertrain?

After looked differents websites (Engine or Motor and Powertrain), I understand that :

  1. The engine includes only the engine body with valves, cylinders, chambers, crankshaft etc.
  2. The powertrain understands among others, all that allows to put in motion the vehicle. (engine, power supply and exhaust circuits, cooling, transmission, wheels, steering, etc.).

Is it this ?

If so, the engine and powertrain are they not inverted in the process tree and main menu display ? (Research and slot) ?


See the 2 others screen shot in attchment

If this is not the case, please can you explain to me what difference are you doing ? May be it’s just an issue of translation ?

Thanks for your replies.

As you mention, there are technical definitions, But in the game, we are considering the powertrain to be made up of:
The Engine
(which for game purposes consists purely of the engine block and the valves).
The Engine Control Unit
(sometimes called ECU, this is the computer that controls the engine, including the ignition system)

There is some argument that maybe we should have a separate transmission, and that should be part of the powertrain

The confusion you are experiencing is because we have a slot called ‘Fit Engine’ right at the start of the game, which fits the engine, the radiator, the exhaust,. the wheels etc…all in one go. Thats just the name given to that whole area of the car. In the same way the first ‘paint’ slot also does drying, but its easier to call it ‘paint’ than 'paint plus drying plus undercoat plus undercoat drying) :smiley:

Hi cliff,

First of all thank you for your reply. I was impatient to read it.

I understand a little better the meaning of the word “Engine”. We also have this term in French to designate all the mechanical parts of a car.

I think, that on the French version (may be in other languages), the terms are not very suitable and confusing. (In my opinion, it’s just a question of translation).

The nearest “Fit Engine” translation should then be “Motors and Mechanics”.

We would have in this case, the generic part (like paint or bodywork), with the different types of Motors (Engine, Hybrid and Electric) and other features (radiator, exhaust, wheels and steering) and the specific part relating to the engine (engine block, valves and ECU) (Manufacture, Assembly and fit).

Of course this is only a suggestion and could help new players to see more clearly on the part “Engine”.

I would suggest you to modify only the French version to clarify this translation.