Different levels of car.

I’m not sure if this is discussed anywhere else, but I’m struggling to understand how and what defines a car as “Mid-Range”, Expensive, Luxurious etc. Is it just a case of increasing the premium until you hit the next bracket?

Doesn’t this affect the selling of the car, because the markup is so high?

Hi Matt, it works like this. You can sell even a basic car with few features as a mid range or expensive car if you keep increasing the % markup cost. But as the cost goes up people demand to see more features. As you add features you’ll see two prices. One is the cost to you to make it and the other is the markup for it. This will automatically increase the price of your car as each feature is added. So if you have 50% markup and the car has no addons it might be $23,000. Add some features and that price will rise accordingly. Low expense ones will only add a few hundred dollars, but luxurious addons will add $1,000+ per item, then based on your markup will increase a lot more. So when that basic car has 15 items added, even with zero markup it will be selling for $5,000+ more (depending on how valuable those parts are) than the basic one. But of course you have a markup so each item will have an amplified cost and suddenly you’re looking at an expensive car for 50% markup instead of an economy car if it has a decent feature set.

Here’s what I do. I tend to set Economy car to 15-30% markup. I start at 30% and work my way down if I end up with 3 unsold cars. But you could get lucky in your game early on and slap a much higher markup with an addon and try for 50%. Suddenly you’re selling a mid-range car. That won’t last long as competition ramps up. I try to get 3-4 addons that are nice that aren’t common plus the super demanded item buyers wants and try to make that a middle cost midgrade car. Try for 50% first then if it doesn’t sell work the % down.

Hope this helps.

Interesting, Thanks for this. I’ll give it a go.

I’ve only just started to grasp the concept with this too. Definitely not an easy one to get your head round to start with.

At the very start of game I sell a basic car with no features as a luxury car for 100k till they dont sell anymore and lower the price later. They sell at first till the competition ramps up and you get a little nest egg going which helps to buy your first expansion of the factory. It doesnt last a long time but it does help get things going.

I’ve never tried that tbf. I’ve done it and set it as Mid-Range before but never tried to be ambitious enough to sell at luxury price. Probaly not a bad idea tbf.