Different time periods

I know it’s late into this discussion, but I’d really like to see a version of Democracy where you can run for president in other eras of the US. For example, Around the 1920’s. The contingency groups would change as Socialism was not as popular, nor were motorists, and commuters. Religion would be a much bigger factor as well as farming. The voting of women, immigrants, and native minorities have a much bigger effect on elections. What are your thoughts?

It could definitely be done through a total-conversion mod.

Indeed, I’m really hoping some people will use the modding capabilities to do this…

Really fascinating idea! Hope to see it as some point.

I would like to see this one step further, although it would take even more policy changes etc, but to see even a medieval or Roman one.

You could have pirate ships (need more policing), or maybe even a new policy of “explore new world” that might help fund expeditions to the new world.

In roman times, a large military will yield population growth as you conquer more areas, and might even have a big effect on GDP as you rob other nations of their money.

Oh man, this would be exciting. It reminds me of “Warband” which has several time periods from medieval to such as neopleon times. But it would be cool.

Honestly, explore new world works amusingly well with a straight-up reskinned Space Program :smiley:

This would be an incredibly fundamental change, but I can see the interest.

You are right, but exactly, how much has changed in democracy?

Hm… something unique to the time period…

Spanish inquisition! increase membership religious, lower crime, lower science


I think the main change in democracy between the present day and the time period you’re discussing is that it started existing as a mainstream political system :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless I’m severely remiss in my understanding, most of Europe was ruled by absolute monarchs at that point.