Dilema modifiers stacking

Hi there, i have been playing my first game as UK for several terms now and i have noticed that dilema events are getting repeated. That in and of itself is not a massive problem as they are realistically likely to come up again, however i noticed that the stats are stacking.

for example i banned software patents in my first term and it appeared again 3 terms later, i banned it again (would be nice to see what i chose last time by the way) and the -5% is in my technology stat twice. See attached.


oh, just as an aside, some of the dilemas repeated within 5 years, it could maybe an idea to have a limit on how often they can appear (limited to once every 10 years for example) and have that value editable for modders too?

i also considered it might be an idea to have long term policy dilema choices be shown on the board so you can cancel/change them whenever you want, not sure if that would be too powerful though as you could reverse a bad choice too easily (unless you froze the choice for xxx turns)


The ‘repeat-rate’ of dilemmas is indeed trivially moddable already, I just need to find time to write a proper modding guide…