Direct control

hi there,

Just a quick question.
GSB version 1.6 has been out for a few months now. One of the major additions was direct control - which, surprisingly, has barely been mentioned in the forums.

Who is using direct control, and what have your impressions been?

I haven’t used it at all. Not that I have no plans to, I always forget.

Direct control tend to be TOTALLY unstable.
At first, it didn’t work and create a crash
Later, it works perfectly fine and it’s very fun and totally OP
And at last it crash again ^^’

(Hope the next patch correct this…)

It’s really good for middle game corrections, but its really ugly to use in that it totally shades over the ship your controlling in a fugly yellow color.

that could be removed with a simple script change, i’m just too stupid to know what to change, to what

Is it hardcoded or would it be easy to change it to an outline around the ship. Any modders know anything on the subject? Cliffski even?

Ok, I just tried it. I was looking forward to being able to redirect a cruiser meandering off to the corner of the screen back in to battle, so it could contribute some firepower instead of doing nothing.

I had trouble getting it wo work too. I couldn’t get my ship to turn to the “fugly yellow colour” to redirect it, and when I changed an order GSB promptly crashed.
Back to the drawing board…

This definitely could not be done by modding, and is in fact incredibly hard to do in code. It’s trivial with 3D meshes, which is why it’s done in 3D games, but totally different and quite processor intensive for a 2D game.
I wasn’t aware of any crashing issues with the direct control stuff. is this with a patched copy of the game, or a freshly downloaded and installed copy?

My crash come from a “patched copy of the game”

Why not replace it by a selection circle around the ship? (or selection octagon? ^^)