Disabling a certain race crashes my game

I have, among many, the wonderful Uni-T mod, and only recently have i unlocked the “viral” sub-race.
Thing is, there’s simply too many ships in this race and i need to un-have it.
Not delete the mod, mind you, just set it so that i DONT have Virals anymore. I still want the primes and the scenarios.
But taking the race out makes my game crash, and re-inserting it after taking it out does nothing.
Is there a way to disable a race, re-lock it, make in inaccessible, or delete that part of a save file?

To re-lock any race once again:

  • Head to: \My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles
  • open the file unl.dat with a text editor
  • somewhere in that list should be “unitviral”
  • find and delete it.

All done :slight_smile:

Thanks mate
No hard feelings, it’s just… I WAS SWAMPED IN VIRALS >_<’

heheh, No, no hard fellings :stuck_out_tongue:

It was recognised early on that enabling the virals would impact the ship pick list - hence why they were locked in the first place.
I just never found a way to “turn them off” ingame.

Something to consider into the future maybe . . .