Disappearing Policies Bug

Hi Cliff,

There appears to be a bug where Helicopter Money is fine and present in the Economy section of the policies tab. Then the next turn completely disappears never to be found again.

is it maybe shuffled to the bottom because it requires more capital than you have? (it will then be in red)

No, it definitely disappears. I’ve checked over it multiple times and observed it disappearing on a new game by the next turn without doing anything else on the first turn.

Economy Policies screen from first turn to second turn without doing anything else on the first turn

Can confirm same is happening for me actually, I never realised helicopter money was in the game. Seems after turn 1 it vanishes for me too

It also doesn’t have any monetary cost until after you enact it, is that by design Cliff? I am assuming its because if I enact it on the first turn, the simulation hasn’t had chance to run enough yet?

(what I mean is, when changing the slider to how much helicopter money - it doesn’t update how much the policy will cost as expenditure)

Same here

weird. investigating…

Will be fixed in next update.

The same appears to be happening to Quantitative Easing weirdly as well

Yup, same thing. its any policy that had a pre-requisite of a sovereign currency.