Disappearing policies

I’ve had this happen two or three times now. Before, I thought I was going nuts / just had forgotten to implement a policy that I had intended to, but this time I’m sure - and it looks like a bug to me:

I just implemented Automated Trading Limits last turn.

It’s now not there on the main screen:

And it’s showing as an option on the policy ideas menu:

I’m not entirely sure if the game has refunded the political capital I spent on it last turn or not…

I think it might have something to do with having pressed back after implementing the policy, but that surely shouldn’t mean the policy is undone…


I’ve had the opposite happen - I’ve hit implement (because I wanted to see in more detail what the effects would be) only to then realise I can’t go back, because once I have that knowledge - it’s already implemented! Worse still, because I ‘undid changes’ it’s now just sitting in the middle like a lemon :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel like it might be a mechanic (you can’t know the full effects without jumping in) but seen as I don’t know how much weight it’ll have on GDP, there’s seemingly no harm in me getting to play with the slider before it’s done for good.


Hello, would be great to get this issue (my OP above) looked at. :blush:

While writing, I also note the HUGE negative effect on Youth of Compulsory School Sports. Could we nerf this a little please - as it’s totally disproportionate. Sure, not all young people are sporty and will enjoy being forced to be physically active, but some will enjoy it and the negative effect here is just too much. Thanks :smile:


By the way, this is still happening!

Fortunately it only seems to happen with low political capital policies, but a few times recently I’ve seen a policy I introduced last turn back in the new policies menu, even with effects of that policy greyed out and fading away - as if I introduced it then immediately cancelled it (which I didn’t).

(Also we still have the inexplicably & disproportionately huge effect on Youth of Compulsory School Sports, but now I’m just repeating a digression! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

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I had the same idea. Compulsory Sports should have a lower negative impact on the youth.

I’ve never experienced this bug. Are you on v1.35 now?

Yes, but only had time for one play-through on 1.35 since it came out (when the bug didn’t happen). I have seen it happen recently on the version immediately before 1.35 though.

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I see! Well I hope that this issue gets resolved soon!