Discount scheme GUI. Feedback welcome

Upcoming new feature to set discounts on cars already in the showroom. Thoughts?


Hi :slight_smile:
In looks good to me.
I would add

Promotional sale.
Example: All Lux cars 10% off etc. But maybe you have a limited amout of this promotional sales. Or you can run them every 10 days for 48h. Something to add in marketing department :smile:

This is a great feature.

I would like to give a discout to cars with missing common feature.

I like this +1

I like it very much, because this is what i wanted from the first hours on that game :smiley:

Now that this feature is live in 1.54, I’d suggest the mouseover text when viewing cars in the showroom identify how long the car has been in the showroom. You get a rough sense from the number of visitors, but an exact time would be nice to go along with this feature. Sometimes one really needs to move sluggish cars if they’re running low on funds, so other discount types would be welcome as was suggested by others.


Thats an excellent idea, I will add it to the list