Discuss Balance here

CrazyJapan :
Lets discuss about weapons effectiveness and balance here.
I think laser pulses , beams are too weak, can’t penetrate a support truck armour with over 10 shots
Obviously the missile meks are overpowered , neglecting the armour or shields of turrets, and move extremely fast. auto distract-missile lasers components?
I don’t think any low ranks weapons or modifiers are useful ,we just always use the highest ranks if it is unlocked,the only advantages of them are just cheaper but whats the point, we have very limited places for our turrets,we should put the best parts on them.
In most tower defense games,there are ice,or what to slow enemy down,fire have flaming effects
There should be a modifier that turrets can auto repair itself, not many places are suitable for a repair yard,that would be too hard,shield generator would be nice also
I think some turrets should able to carry 2 weapons?
Anyways,the most obvious problem is missile,I’m looking forward to patches.

unseen4ce :
^I agree with this (all your points on balancing the weapons especially, as well as the two weapon turrets), perhaps even ice weapons, they could be used to counter fire and perhaps bring balance.
All I want is balance, I can deal with and enjoy custom maps and units, just need balance.

There’s no point in having so many components/augments if the weapons/defenses aren’t balanced.

MrPegiShixteen :
Originally Posted by unseen4ce
There’s no point in having so many components/augments if the weapons/defenses aren’t balanced.

This says it all.

unseen4ce :
This would be a top game if the balance was tweaked, I really hope it is otherwise people will lose interest, veteran gamers will leave.

Balance also adds SKILL, which is what keeps players coming back. ATM there is no real skill and no ability to improve at playing the game. So you have peaked as soon as you get missiles.

ATM = Get missiles. Game over.

Should be an endless quest and endless struggle to improve and improvise, with higher skill levels ‘unlocking’ different techniques/attacks/counters.


I think you are overplaying the case a bit there. As an experiment I just tried really heavy use of missiles as defender on the second map (sorry…can’t remember the name) and if anything, i was doing better beforehand. It might be easier to use the missiles as spam if you are playing against scripted attackers, but I was fighting against adaptive AI (which I much prefer…cool feature BTW) and it didn’t seem to give me much advantage at all.

Maybe it’s just that map, and the way it’s not so easy to place missile turrets so they can get at wide areas of the map or something?

Humm, you know I only find myself using heavy turrets on defense. Anything of the lighter turrets feel quite pointless IMO.

As for missiles vs other weapons, rather it has no weakness is less relevant than having top tier range/damage/accuracy. Okay sure Cannons has 100% vs shield but really, with their sad hit rate they can’t hit those fast mech anyway. Machine guns, even with bonus vs shield, doesn’t have the DPS to kill mech. So you end up stuck with missiles. Of course, once you spam missile the game spam tanks at you so the light pulse laser is still pretty good.

The attack side however, does have a few more options, and cannons are not bad because they are hitting still target and have a low minimum range.