Discussion for ITALY

Hello everyone! I am excited that in the game trello there is in “work in progress” the country of Italy as I am Italian.

So I wanted to give you some advice for organizing the starting game for Italy.

GDP = 1,651,595 million euros
HEALTH = good or acceptable in 60 out of 107 Italian provinces
EDUCATION = 62.2% of people between 25 and 64 in Italy
has at least a diploma
CRIME = 52,596 crimes
POOR = 9.4%
CORRUPTION = 52nd place out of 100 and 53rd out of 180

In Italy in 2020 there were 2 center-left parties in government so there is certainly the law of consumer rights, citizenship income (unemployment benefit),
open borders from disaster zones and war zones, a not so strong army. low or medium state pensions, retirement age 65, illegal nuclear power plants, high tourism, wealth tax, income tax and other socialist pro tax,
public schools with modern books, public hospital with some prevention, government mandate duration 5 years, indefinite mandate limit, enough police force, no taser, no armed police, sale of illegal firearms, only curative narcotics, non-spy agency of high quality, being in democracy maximum legal independence and freedom of the press, balanced prison regime, satisfactory roads, in Italy there are no school buses that take you from home like America but for school trips there are school buses owned by the city .
(2019-2020 dates)

Here is everything in broad outline of the situation in Italy, I hope I have been useful to you for my contribution to the creation of this country and of course you can have your say too Cliff :slight_smile:

Have a good time!


Someone is going to have a fun campaign :grinning: