dishonourable gameplay---Honour earned 0

Is it just my version of GSB that doesn’t show me how much honour I will earn for the next battle?
I can find different totals for the diff. difficulty levels, and ‘honour earned’ adjusts to my deployment,
but I have to compare each deployment to some number I’d write down, a previous honour score on the previous page.
What if the Computer did such calculation, and displayed in the space provided the honour I’ll actually earn?

Just like a ship w/o enough crew or power not being saved, a battle without enough honour shoulda not be enabled— only a lesser fleet will do.
No more Honour earned— ZERO!?!

You only receive an amount of honour equal to the point value of your least expensive deployment for that level and difficulty. The mechanics are a bit difficult to explain, so I’ll use an example.

Suppose a level has a budget of 10,000. On your first time playing easy you spend 5,000 and would be rewarded with 5000 honor. If you beat the same level with an equal or greater cost you get no honour. If you replayed the level again, but won with only 4,000 spent you would get an extra 1000 honor. If you used the same fleet on your first Medium difficulty victory on that level you would get the full 6000.

Basically it’s designed so you can’t keep playing the Easy difficulty of level 1 until you unlock everything.

I think what the original poster was saying, is that there isn’t any indication on the battle selection screen showing the lowest fleet point value previously used per mission.

If you hover your mouse over the difficulty levels at the battle selection screen (under the image) or the deployment screen (below the deployment map) you will see the highest amount of honour points earned for that mission at that difficulty. You can always check the full amount of honour points you’ll get for a particular deployment from the information displayed on the top of the deployment screen; a simple subtraction will tell you how much points you’ll actually get if you win with a particular deployment.

The system is actually really simple. Look at the point limit for that scenario. whatever points you DONT use, you get in honor points at the end if you win.