Disposable Income - serious rebalancing needed

Let me just say first that I’m enjoying the game very much and I’m aware that we are still some time away from a full release. Nevertheless, I believe that the way disposable income is calculated needs massive tweaking. Let’s just set one thing straight - in this game, you cannot run a socialist society or economy, not even close. The furthest left you can go is a parliamentary social democracy (a very moderate one by the standards of the 60s or 70s, or a more strongly left one by modern standards). Despite that, when making a social-democratic society, when you add up the effects of all the policies, taxes and benefits, the poorest in society after a while move all the way to the very right of the distribution, in effect becoming the richest people in society, while the rich become dirt poor, literally. They even slide all the way down into negative disposable income. That is beyond unrealistic. Now I don’t know the exact numbers of each policy effect, but in my opinion, they need some very serious rebalancing.
On an unrelated note, I’m wondering what policies affect ‘original income’?

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I made list of everything that affect disposable income earlier.

I think it should be calculated like that:

  1. Original Income (should be distributed like in real life) + Wages + GDP
  2. Taxes (ones that are meant to not tax extra income)
  3. All other income boosters
  4. All other income reductions