Disposable incomes are weird

I was digging around in people’s disposable incomes, trying to figure out how to help the people at the bottom of the chart. I found a bunch of people who were 100% middle income, with negative incomes, so I’m not sure how they aren’t poor. Many of them are spending large amounts on private schools. I see this as their own fault given how much I spend on education, but kept digging. Private schools are at 0 in my country, so why do they still affect people’s incomes if nobody is spending on them? The link to unemployment is grey, so zero people in my country work at a private school, yet large numbers of people are dirt poor because of how expensive private school is. This seems weird to me.

This is not the only weird thing I found in disposable incomes, crypto currency taxation seems to be ripping the guts out of many people’s incomes even though it only produces 1 billion dollars per quarter for me. These people are losing the same amount of money to income tax, which produces 47 billion dollars per quarter for me.


I’m curious. What happens if you implement “Ban Private Schools” now?