Disruptor Bomb

This may be a bug, but I doubt it seeing how the changelog acknowledges it…

Disruptor bombs are supposed to temporarily knock offline the enemy shields. They have a ‘damage’ stat of 75, though - and don’t seem to actually do anything at all. I have tested them tons of times, and they don’t seem to do any damage, or indeed knock out the enemy shields for any period of time.

I guess this is a pretty simple suggestion: just make them do something!

The damage the disruptor bomb deals is dealt to teh shield stability rather than to the shield itself. Once the stability is reduced to 0, the shield goes pop until the stability recharges to full. The reason you don’t see the effect a lot is because the disruptor bomb is, quite frankly, not the most effective platform for its mechanic.

Can’t blame you for not grokking this one - I only know it works because I did a LOT of testing while modding a disruptor-based weapon.

Oh… how much ‘shield stability HP’ is average for cruiser/frig shields, then? Is it displayed in the module statistics under any name?

It definitely needs to be upped, from my experience. I can have twenty-thirty of my frigates armed with disruptor bomb modules shooting at a single cruiser and nothing happens to it.

That part I am unsure of. I know that when you are on the receiving end of the disruptor bomb, you can really see it in the stability bar when a disruptor impacts your shields. The real problem is that the stability does regenerate, and the disruptor bomb is a pretty slow-firing weapon. Factor in some missed shots and the fact that it can be shot down by PD and it is kind of hard to use it effectively.

I personally find that 2-3 disruptor bombs will knock out shiels for a fair amount of time. The disruptor bomb itself does no damage to anything which is why it may seem ineffective. Unfortunately, everything magically isn’t in range whenever I deploy a disruptor armed frigate.