[DL] Gratuitous Pack of Sources for Modders

[size=85]Ladies and Gentlemen, i have the pleasure to present:[/size]

[size=200]1670 Sound Effects![/size]
Including voices, explosions, HI tech sci-fi, actual and old weapon shotting sounds and more!

[size=200]1967 Textures![/size]
Including flares, explosions, beams, lasers, bullets, missiles, various types of energy, shields, planets, special textures, HD textures and LD ones, blasts and A LOT MORE!

[size=200]167 Backgrounds![/size]
With just a small edit, you can use those epic wallpapers as backgrounds for your scenarios and missions!

This pack was used by me to create all the stuff that offers Praetorian Industries Mod, the pack is a compilation of data taken from several games like Sins Of a Solar Empire, Dark Horizon, AI War, Lemming Ball Z, Tarr Chronicles, Gratuitous Space Battles and more. I do not own the rights to use that stuff, therefore i give the credit to the creators of those games for their great work.
Same with you, if you are going to use this pack, you have to give to me the credit for it, not much, just a extra line in the readme of your Mod :wink:

> Download Server: Mediafire
> Download Weight: 204Mb
> HD Weight: 635 Mb[size=20] <- Not 2Gb as i said, cuz in that time i forgot to remove all the files of PI Mod[/size]
> Designed for PC users, sorry mac users :frowning:

Just download the file in to your HD, uncompress it using WinRAR or similar .rar-compatible programs and have fun!

[size=150]Download Link:[/size]

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[size=100]> Praetorian Industries Mod[/size]
Enjoy the huge ammount of new possibilities that offers this mod!

[size=100]> The Ghosts Mod[/size]
The invisible hand of the Ghosts is claiming for vengeance… Stills as WIP.

[size=100]> The Exiles Mod[/size]
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Yea thank you very much and I’ll try to see what we all have.

Thanks guys, expecting a shower of awesomeness coming from everywere ^^

I didnt included the files that PI Mod uses cuz i will upload the mod in some days and there is no needing to have a total duplicate of all the FX

Long-range sensors are detecting unusually high quantities of WIN in this sector. It looks like I’ll be arranging for a late-night download marathon. I bet that this pack is something that has to be experienced in order to be truly believed. :slight_smile:

Mr. Scott, give me full power on that internet router! Ahead, download factor nine!

Captain, it’s borderline on the bandwidth – I can’t guarantee that she’ll hold up against this much awesome

face-desks at Archduke Astro’s post

From a quick glance-over of the files, I like what i see and look forward to testing the sounds and looking closer at the graphics and see if any would fit into the mods i have been working on. With proper credits given for any used graphics or sounds, of course.

You, sir, are epic win!

nice, are they all dds? if they are I can provide a linux compatible version (all pngs)

There are various types of files there, like-- .dds .png .pdn .bmp .jpeg and some others. Yeah, there are A LOT of them that have a black background, but that is not a problem WHEN USING THE GRAPHICS FOR FXs like beams, blasttextures, bullets, shields and all the visual part EXCEPT hulls and turrets. Cuz the game makes invisible the black.

And as you may notice, this pack contains just some already ready to use Fx, all the rest are RESOURCES to make the FX with a configuration compatible with GSB mechanics.

Yeah, i would be able to convert all the files to .dds, but with 1600 pics, how much time would that take?! Just insane ^^

Yes thank you Preators i was in dier need of some decent background images (jumps in joy) now people can have some pretty thing’s to look at while my zombles munch on their fleets :stuck_out_tongue:

Been having a gander through the stuff in there, really nice pack! I’ll remember to reference if I actual get anywhere with my tinkering.

Thanks for the upload!

Man, I have got to find the time and the drive space to download this pack and comb through it.

Just found this from The Plague’s page, thought it deserved a bump :slight_smile:

Yeah i’ve made a reorganization of my posts with “Related Stuff” to avoid leaving something abandoned :stuck_out_tongue:

lemme help develop The plague Mods, mail me with what you need done, i’m a student so i have plenty free-time

Short Answer: No, but thanks! :smiley:

Long Answer: I dont really need help to make a whole mod for GSB, but in order to get a better quality i need help with just one single thing, damaged and hulk versions of each hull. But that’s the job of CptFox.

So, what’s the problem? Both of us, CptFox and me, are pretty busy to deal with The Plague mod, but i pray for some free time in the close future to let us finish this second great project.

U my hero Praetors :stuck_out_tongue:

Thx man, awesome stuff. I’ll cetrainly use it.

Glad you liked it, in some time it will be updated again with the graphics that i’m using for The Plague Mod ^^

Hey Praetors,

Just wanted to say thanks for this pack of source materials. It’s proving very useful in the makings of my mod. I’m not so good at making my own beam lasers, bullet textures, etc. and tweaking, “ctrl-c/ctrl-v”-ing, hue/color changing, etc. your designs and your provided graphics is making the process much smoother and very fun for a modding newbie like myself.

Hope you keep doing what you’re doing.

Happy to read that you are happy with the results of applying this pack mate =D

Finally had the time to really go through some of this stuff. You evil, evil person you. Now I have all kinds of ideas for additional mod projects. But they should be a) pretty cool, and b) a lot of fun to put together, so I guess that’s OK.

Very cool stuff.

some of the possibilities presented by this pack does make one drool ever so slightly all over the floor…now, where’s that mop?

although i must say the sound fx half of the pack might be my favorite aspect, there’s some slick stuff in there :slight_smile: