DLC Bundle, but still asked for Nomad?

I’ve just realized…
When doing challenges, often I it says I’m missing a DLC, when I click it goes to Nomad.
I bought GSB bundle, shouldn’t it already have Nomad?

I think the webpage is rather inaccurate.

It says it includes Nomad, but apparently no.
Maybe need an edit of the webpage?

Anyway, I’ve just bought Nomad and Parasites to make my GSB complete. Awesome game! Thanks Cliff.

P.S. Your experiment with the Nomad discount vs regular price is very nice for students.
I bought the regular price because I’m old :slight_smile:

You’re not old, you’re “well-preserved” like me!

Yeah, that’s it…

I like that concept very much!
Btw, do you use the same nickname in the game Maveth?
Let’s have some fun battles shall we ^^
Since last night, I like Parasites very much.