Dlc Design Variety Pack NOT WORKING

Hi, I bought this DLC, shows as is activate but I can´t see the new cars

Any help with this I´ll appreciate.


When this first pack was offered - there was a bug where the cars wouldn’t show up until after you researched the original versions. It seems like this is what is happening here. I also thought to get this to load originally I had to log in and out of steam.

I change my steam password

, log in and log off, uninstall the game, and re-install again and the problem persists.

Any other advice.

Best regards

Hello. I can confirm this. Reinstallation of the game did not solve the problem. I have the GOG release; v1.81d on Windows 10 1809.

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Did you determine a fix for this issue. I’m attempting to install the same GOG release. The “Doors that go like this” mod installed correctly.

HI, I still have the problem.

No I did not. I am waiting to hear from Cliff.

I found this thread as well and added my GOG support ticket number.

Hi All

I had this problem with the GOG.com version of Production Line. There is a way to get it working though I would hesitate to call it a fix.

There is a problem with the 1.81d version of the dlc on GOG, it basically has no files in it. You can support Cliff a bit more and buy the dlc again directly off this site. Once you extrac the dlc files you can copy them into your main game install directory and the dlc will work although the discriptions in the mod manager appear not to be present.

Alternatively if you don’t want to buy it again you can do the following:

  1. You’ll need to be using GOG Galaxy to install/manage the game rather than the standalone files.
  2. Go to the game’s page in GOG Galaxy and click the congure button (looks like two slider type controls).
  3. Click Manage Installation and then Configure.
  4. In the window that pops up make sure you untick Automatically update to the newest version
  5. Choose version 1.81c instead of 1.81d and click OK.
  6. Let GOG Galaxy do its thing and when it has sorted itself out launch the game and the dlc should be present.

Hope this helps

Thanks for these detailed steps. It appears I already had the latest version of 1.81d installed. If I select 1.81c and allow GOG galaxy to update the app, the DLC appears. Switching back to 1.81d removes the Design Variety mod.

Last note, when I’m running 1.81c, inside the game I see version 1.80 in the lower left corner.

I will look into this, it might be that something is screwed up at the gog end and the 1.81d update didnt include the DLC…

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This is still a problem. How many months are needed to fix this???

Hi, yes

I uninstall the game and stop playing because I fill frustration.


I sent a message to cliffski, who acknowledged the problem and is working with GOG to resolve it.

It was fixed already those many months ago, but something didn’t stick on the GOG side of things.