Do they get bored in specific careers?

Hi Cliff

I’m noticing my current character seems really bored in her career… are they now programmed to like certain careers over others dependant on their personality?


which career? Also, eventually people get bored with their current job, not the career, but that takes a good few years.

Medical Career… and it was definately noticeable, the minute she got into it, her mood started bottoming out fairly quickly…

Maybe she was stressed out? There are a few things that will relax your character…I believe that a cat, a fish, a dishwaher and the sleigh bed will all increase the relaxation of your character each day. Depending on which activity you take part in, that may also help you out.

I haven’t simulated a doctor yet…my first run through was with a chef, and now I’m trying the actress career with varying degrees of success.

:slight_smile: ah, thanks Sam… Much appreciated. I’ll try that the next time I open the game (probably sometime today)