Do what the extremists say or game over

I’ve now played a couple of games with Great Britain, both of them have ended before the first election as religious extremists have bombed me out of office.

As I understand the creationism/evolution issue was added later as a mod, so maybe that causes the unintended game balance problem. But the situation now seems to be that if I decide to teach only evolution (as is the case in practically every single country in the game, even the fact that the slider exists in the game is absurd) and fund stem cell research, extremists always bomb me -> game over. Shouldn’t this be a simulation? ‘Suck up to the religious group or game over’ seems to be the point here.

And by the way, the game also crashes about every 15 minutes, I read the other thread and simply removing the two music files seemed to fix the issue.

sounds like you are moving towards secularism too fast. you can upset the religious group, but don’t overdo it too quickly.

I don’t worry about extremists when i play. If i get killed i just load in the autosave file and voila, i’m alive again and on the same turn i was killed so i can continue the game. The same trick works when you are voted out of office although i never got another election after reloading or when i was killed at the same time as the election.

The Creationism/Darwinism was a blessing to my Britain, it got put me in office 7 times in a row because now numerous Religious Leaders have told their congrigations to vote for me, its the Religious people, Farmers, Patriots, Commuters and the Wealthy which keep me in office.