Do you support the proposed Rubbish Tax?

Do you support a rubbish tax?

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I spotted this item on BBC news today:

"Councils should be given powers to charge households for getting rid of non-recyclable rubbish, a think tank has urged the government.

The Institute for Public Policy Research said a “pay as you throw” system was the only way to improve the UK’s poor recycling record. "

Is it a good idea to tax people on the weight of rubbish they dont recycle? Will this encourage recycling, or fly-tipping? Is it a good environmental policy, or just a stealth tax?

Here in Victoria, Australia, they were a bit more cunning - they gave us 2 big recycle bins for paper/cardboard/glass and garden waste, and replaced our big general rubbish bins with small ones.

But you’re right. People will just dump rubbish everywhere rather than paying for it.

yeh they did that in the UK also

I think it’s a reasonable tax on the source end. Whether it’s truly good, though, will depend on where the tax money is placed.