dockable ships ?

Bloody hell.
Your game is not out yet, and many future player already have their head full of suggestions…

(First, thank you. One thing that is great with indie games is the direct contact that we have with the programmer, can follow its development, and to some extent influence it. Its is more than a cold product from some remote large companies runned by financials, by an actual craft.
I also appreciate the way you express your concerns about piracy, and make the direct link between the commercial success of your game and the survival of your personal business. Once again, at least those who heard you, can fell better the consequence of their good or wrong acts.)

Now, when I spent time watching the video I couldn’t refrain wondering whether their would be dockable ships. The uses could be :

  • repair of smaller ships (hmm, it might be too long for a single battle like that.)
  • resupply of energy (for example to make small ships, full of weapons. But only with batteries and limited power engine. They would need to dock from time to time to recharge their batteries)
  • transport lethal but weak fighters behind the line, and release them there.

Others things I wondered if it existed :

  • give timer or conditions to change rules of engagement (for exemple if a given ship is destroyed or attacked, then the settings of an other group of ships change ; or if a destination has been reached)
  • Give way points or targets ?
  • Is every mission focused on weaping out the other fleet ? (the title could give that feeling). Would there be missions such as : save a ship being attacked ; detect and kill the ennemy ship transporting VIPs ; detect, board and evacuate the ship transporting prisonners … ?

Well, I’d love to test your game soon. But unfortunately am leaving for a few months travel. I am eager to discover the polished, released version on my return !

I wish your game all the best !

Those are all cool ideas for dockable ships. Having some larger units act as repair tenders for smaller units? Neat! Same thing for small guys docking to take on additional seeking munitions or get capacitors recharged. The “Fighter-Conveyor” idea was a very pleasant jog to the memory. I’ve never seen that real-world notion suggested for a PC game before.