Doctor Stress

I have chosen a career as a doctor.
However stress during the week is always high (in the red).
I have read less stress books,got fish, meditate etc, but altough the stres reduces a little its back up high the next day.
Is this just the way it is for my chosen career or is there something I can do.
Congrats on a good, addicting game.

The stress does seem to come with the job. :slight_smile:

Thanks. :confused:

The way I dealt with the high stress in that field was to create an uber-cheat in the solo activities. :blush: At the time my character was still studying Advanced Anatomy and some science classes, which didn’t leave many nights open to actually use it. I may try another doc character just to see if I can do it without the mod.

buy the games console; play and do reasonably well when your stress gets high. this will completely wipe it out for at least one day, usually more.

Hang out with a friend who’s notably good at relieving stress.

(my very first char was a doctor too : jnr.doc, radiologist, cosmeticsurgeon)
Most important -> get all the pets - especially the hamster and the fish ! this will reduce the stress-level every day for the lowly cost of buying tons of food every few months :laughing:

After some in-game weeks of always-red-stress-levels i decided not to waste doing a bath or yoga every working day.
Later i got sick caused by stress and used this time like holidays - too bad that such concept is not in the game - to attend evening class or get your theory done in quit contemplation.

Or be a lazy programmer/software architect !

That would be a nice addition. Vacation days from work. I know that even here in the US where people seem to want to work themselves to death, two weeks is the standard, if barbaric practice. How about a day off once in awhile.

yes this is a good idea. Kudos 2 perhaps. You could go somewhere sunny and get a sun tan for those modelling jobs :smiley:

I’ve had the same experience with the stress/tired bar.

I started a new char with her attribute tweaked more to happines and confidence, and the stress/tired bar worked out just fine with the doctor career.

The consequence is that my IQ and culture bar decay like crazy, and I have to spend most days reading and doing crosswords.

I had same problem with doctor, and every day I had to have a bath od meditate. I soloved my problem simply by buying a cat and fish… :open_mouth: Just like that my stress gone away…

I just finished a go through as a doctor. I had a problem with stress and tiredness in my second job, though baths worked excellently I found. Once I got a job as a cosmetic surgeon all that stress just disappeared. I guess it’s not as demanding a job. The pay was nice too.