Doctrine in Conquest

I would really really love it if I could save a couple sets of orders. If that’s not possible, being able to set up orders during the turn would also be appreciated and save some time. Doing the same makework of setting up all my best practices orders over and over is not so much fun. Even just letting me tell all the ships I have selected that this preexisting order present on some ships selected now applies to all of you would be super awesome.

Right click on a ship after you’ve given it orders, and hit the “save orders” button. All other ships of that type will deploy with those orders (not including formation, escort, or protector). You can also double click a ship to select all of that type and give them orders all at once, which saves time on the other orders. Clicking and dragging a box around units to select them also works. In galactic conquest, fleets try to set up to there last position automatically. Hitting deploy automatically and then sorting everything is usually much faster, even if you aren’t doing a standard layout.