Does anyone know of any documentation for any of the GameData files? There are no comments in almost any of them (excepting the first half of, which makes guessing what any of the attributes are, let alone their possible values very difficult.

It would be nice to get some documentation, maybe a commented version of the GameData files for one fully commented instance of any type of object that can be in that particular file?

I suppose my scribbles on that scrap of paper don’t help much? :slight_smile:

More seriously, I have a pretty good idea of many entries by now, if you have a particular question.

Related note - .sav (for saves, not really GameData) - I know the order of the tiles in each plot is totally whacked. Why they are in the order they are I don’t understand at all. It appears not to matter to the game, though.

I requested Tim to do a VBlog (or document) of this with a comment on his VBlog #23 about modding. He did respond that he is open to doing this on a future VBlog. We can only hope and beg. :slight_smile:

See http:

Please, NOT a vblog. :frowning:

Ctrl-F doesn’t work;
you can’t skim the content;
you don’t know what the structure is;
you have to spend the entire hour sitting through them;
they’re far slower than reading text (most people read much faster than any video can roll);
and v-blogs STILL aren’t that comprehensive.
They’re good for some things, but definitely not for imparting this sort of information. I’d suggest within the game data files themselves, or the wiki.

Thanks but I don’t have any specific questions. I get ideas from reading the files to see what can be done, but as there’s no documentation and many of the names are unclear as to what they do…

Of course, I know developers hate writing documentation. :slight_smile:

Ha ha, yes we do. But I can see how this would be really useful. I think this is a good place for this:

I’ve just gone and added a page for the as a template. Would love it others wanted to contribute their knowledge so far for the other files.



I feel like Tom Sawyer just talked me into whitewashing a fence, but nonetheless added some pages on the wiki and started to add some basic info on modding files.

Just saw Svadac has joined the wiki and is editing same area (thank you) so I’ll wait a bit and try to get to more of the files later.

I’m done for today (It’s 1:49 am over here :O) Sorry if I interrupted something.

I just added some few basic things about and files.