does anyone know of a Scenario Editor?

i am looking to see if there is one because I stink with the grid placement of ships :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry to disappoint, but GSB does not have a Scenario Editor. :frowning:


any tips you can give me when it comes to making a scenario?

Firstly, have you checked the Modding 101 Guide yet? There’s a link from there to numerous mission-deployment-editing tips by other players, including useful hard data from cliffski himself. Check it out; go to the first link in this post.

Here’s more data that should help you in setting-up what will be the AI side’s deployment in a modded mission. The method that’s described there is pretty good. Please note that in this linked example, it also speaks in terms of facing your AI-side forces in all sorts of surprising and threatening directions; not just pointed directly towards the left.

Speaking in broad terms, basically it goes like this:

  1. Make yourself a mission where your deployment field covers the whole screen (again, refer to the Modding 101 Guide).
  2. Using this mission, you will be able to place the AI ships wherever you want.
  3. Once you place the AI ships where you want them, you save the mission deployment, quit the game, then open that exact deployment file in a text-editor program.
  4. Type Ctrl-F to find all instances of “angle=90” and then you need to replace them with “angle=270” instead. This has the effect of flipping all the ships 180 degrees horizontally so that when the scenario is played, those ships are pointing towards the Human player’s fleet.
  5. Then save the text file, boot up the game, and play-test what you’ve just created.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve last done mission creation, so go slow with my advice and triple-check the results it gives you. Enjoy. :smiley: