Does GSB work online only?

Hello everyone,
I bought the game yesterday on Stardock Impulse. Sorry if the question has already been asked, but does this game work only when an internet connection is active? When I try to launch without being connected to the internet, GSB crashes to desktop and Vista says it stopped functioning. It seems the game looks for an active connection when it is launched, and if it does not find it, it freezes up (black screen). If this game requires an internet connection to play, I think it should be noted on the system requirements.
Anyway it’s a great little game, I look forward to play with it for a long time!

Great work Cliff!


It certainly shouldn’t do, its not designed to need a net connection, but there may be bugs relating to that. I shall try and eliminate any potential crashes without a net connection for the next patch. I was pretty sure a few people here were playing without being online though.

Thanks for the reply Cliff!
Hope to play many gratuitous star mayhem…

UPDATE: seems to be a bug under windows Vista only, I also have a PC with XP and it works fine in offline mode.