does MOD of building data get imported?

Has anyone made MODs of buildings work?

The “output_log.txt” appears to show the game just loading whatever is in Gamedata/Buildings, including any file I add, but ignores any tries of similar I’ve put in the MOD directory.
Would like to have this supported through the MOD function. We could add/modify any building shape to be used. One main goal is huge hall w/ tons of sockets for free build so I can build whatever line I want w/o thinking about the factory randomly generated.

I HAVE had the game work with inserted files in the main game directory.
Like “sockets galore” (and yes, they are functional)

Or “building from hell”:

Realized posting the 'building" file and an image w/ all 4 connects showing might help people make their own.
“” has info for a new type of building, 3x3 footprint, 2 sockets, 4 “connections” (305 Bytes)

Quite a functional bulding for creating… ehhh… sugar creams? Sweet! :smiley:

I can see such buildings become useful if we get socket-to-socket export-import added to the game

I labeled it [size=150]“building from hell”[/size] for a reason. Perhaps I should’ve highlighted that.

And that was never intended for any practical use, rather as a simple example so that it was more obvious where the “connection” and “socket” lines are in the building data files, for anyone that wanted to play around with those.

Side note - on the “MOD TOOL - Big Pharma Editor” thread, I agree that editing the Research Tree can be a bit of work and a visual editor would certainly make it easier. However, editing the building files (IMO) is much, much more tedious. A Viz Editor for that would be fantastic.

This needs to happen.

Here is a modified (not a “MOD”) version of buildings that may help with Free Builds. 19x19 plot, with plenty of sockets.

I made it so all possible buildings were some version of this. see details below.

By replacing all files in Big_Pharma_Data/GameData/Buildings with some version of this file (backup first, of course) you can force the game to choose
this building layout for Free Build (or any other scenario). I chose to save it repeatedly as “”, “”, … “” (b/c the 4x4 scenarios like Free Build need 16 files) (1.3 KB)

On Tim’s original buildings mod, he “overwrited” some building files and created some new ones. He placed those files on the Mod folder/Buildings.

Maybe that’s the reason your game is not loading your custom buildings, because you’re trying to create a new file instead of overwriting the existant ones.

Hope this helps.

PS: On “Play the splash screen” mod, he also creates a .sav file for that scenario, so it seems like we could create/mod files included on those folders too.

Oh, by “original buildings mod” you mean the “Big Buildings” mod in the MODs tab. I downloaded that, played w/it once, and completely forgot about it. But the building names in that folder (all variations on ‘cells’, ‘hedge’, and ‘sbend’) are (slightly) different than the ‘regular’ Buildings folder, so I must have messed up something else. …


I’ve definitely modified .sav files, though I’m pretty sure Tim doesn’t recommend it.

Checked the output_log.txt file when playing w/ the Big Buildings MOD loaded.

lines like
“…/Documents/My Games/Big Pharma/Mods/BigBuildings/Buildings/ loaded!”
show which buildings load once you start a game (MOD or not).

Seems it is only loading the buildings from the MOD directory (it does not add in the “regular” buildings).

Also, I forgot I noted the buildings info before (no guarantee of accuracy!). there’s a reason Tim used cells, hedge, and sbend… besides ‘school’, they are the only 2x1 buildings - lazy !!! (jk). “bwing” is 2x1, not 1x2… not sure how that matters exactly.

bigroom M1xN1 purchased:4 sockets:8 blocks 0/0 connections:1,1,1,1
bwing M2xN1 purchased:7 sockets:16 blocks 0/0 connections:null,1,1,1 blocks 1/0 connections:1,1,null,1
cells M1xN2 purchased:5 sockets:13 blocks 0/0 connections:1,null,1,1 blocks 0/1 connections:1,1,1,null
fizz M1xN1 purchased:9 sockets:10 blocks 0/0 connections:1,1,1,1
glass M1xN1 purchased:4 sockets:10 blocks 0/0 connections:1,1,1,1
hall M1xN1 purchased:4 sockets:10 blocks 0/0 connections:1,1,1,1
hedge M1xN2 purchased:8 sockets:18 blocks 0/0 connections:1,null,1,1 blocks 0/1 connections:1,1,1,null
house M1xN1 purchased:5 sockets:9 blocks 0/0 connections:1,1,1,1
hub M1xN1 purchased:1 sockets:2 blocks 0/0 connections:1,1,1,1
hut M1xN1 purchased:4 sockets:10 blocks 0/0 connections:1,1,1,1
log M1xN1 purchased:3 sockets:8 blocks 0/0 connections:1,1,1,1
sandwich M1xN1 purchased:3 sockets:7 blocks 0/0 connections:1,1,1,1
sbend M1xN2 purchased:9 sockets:17 blocks 0/0 connections:1,null,1,1 blocks 0/1 connections:1,1,1,null
school M1xN2 purchased:8 sockets:19 blocks 0/0 connections:1,null,1,1 blocks 0/1 connections:1,1,1,null
small M1xN1 purchased:4 sockets:8 blocks 0/0 connections:1,1,1,1

I got my MOD to work now - shows my modified buildings in game (from the MOD directory) and output_log.txt shows them loading as well.

Not sure what I did incorrectly before - probably either didn’t have at least 16 files or didn’t have the Directory structured/named properly.

Think you can throw the info about .sav files on the wiki? I could really use it to help build the map editor

I was considering adding a “Building/” section to the modding part of the wiki as an example b/c last time I checked there was no info there and I now know that it works. I’d add some info on the building syntax as well.

The “.sav” files are a whole other animal. For one, I don’t think modification of those is ‘supported’, nor recommended. And also, the “.sav” files have way, way more info in them (though admittedly, it is mostly a combination of all the other files that we can MOD, with some game status information thrown in.)

I’m not even sure where on the wiki a “.sav” file section should go, but I suppose if someone started one, I could comment on sections that I understand.

Ah yes, sorry. I meant the building .data files (I thought they were .sav too). Since the ‘PlayTheSplashScreen’ has ‘thesplash.sav’ in its ‘Scenarios’ folder of the mod

I started a section for Building files on wiki under “Modding”. Needs some clean up and I’ll try to add/corect the additional info later, but the basic info is there.

I think it refers to orientation of the building (like on the picture or viceversa).

Glad to hear you finally made it :wink:

Yes, I agree that it does. But, I can see the game will rotate buildings (sometimes) when generating a factory layout.
So, I meant, I’m not clear on why having a 2x1 building vs a 1x2 matters. It WILL require a change on the “null” field for “connections”.

The format appears to allow higher level (e.g. 2x3 or 4x4) buildings but I haven’t tried it yet.

Look what I found:

Seems like an Easter Egg (intended or not). It requieres existant files and overwrites them at /GameData/Buildings folder, so backup is recomended.

About ten minutes for getting this:

I just have one single question… ¿How do I exit from there?

PS: Yes, buildings are rotated, but it’s size (2x1 or 1x2) seems to be of use on this editor.

I’m not sure what I’m looking at or how it was created.
There is a built-in Map editor?

“Shift S to save” … maybe that is your exit?

Oh, you got the map editor to work? Whenever I loaded it up it never did anything besides showing me a box to fill in a name. Then again that was with version 1.00.00, haven’t tried yet with current version.
If you want to load up the editor you need to edit the Settings.ini file a bit to enable debug mode:

Then you can pop up a menu to the top right for shurtcuts using F1.
Looking at the code it is left ctrl, left shift and e at the same time (so ctrl-shift-e) once you are running in debug mode.

Anyway, by the looks of things this is just a map editor for creating building .data files, it doesn’t appear to allow placing of machine data (and thus create .sav files). So if you want to add a scenario to your mod and need that you still need to load up the map, place stuff down, edit the .sav file to get rid of the data you just used. So making the map editor in the Big Pharma Editor will probably still be a plus on this since I can easily have the user choose to save just building data or create a scenario file from the same editor.