does the game crash sometimes for you as the music ends?

I think I may have found a bug. One player has reported a crash on the end of the music track. Does this happen to you?
If it does, post here, and I’ll sort out a special debug version of the game that should help me track down the problem if you could run it for me. Its another pesky situation where 99.9% of the time it runs fine, and on my machine its extremely rare, so I need help reproducing the crash.

Sorry if this has already been dealt with, but I’m running the demo and it crashes every time the music ends as you said. Have you got a debug version of the demo?
Cheers :slight_smile:

My game (full version) crashes quite reliably. I have replace the music file with a 60 minute piece … at least gives me more time :slight_smile:.

dang. I think this is a rare crash in the music library concerning multithreading. I’ll do some more digging.

I just bought the game and installed it. Game crashes for me once the music ends. Very frustrating.

damn. have you updated your sound card drivers?

Same here