Donor demand's bug

I was playing as France and one of my donors requested a Germany only policy.


I got that on UK, too. But I actually kinda liked the idea that a policy borrowing from another country can only come up in such a limited vein. Plus, I needed the cash :-p

There is one more potential policy that should be locked behind prereq:
Border walls should require land borders.

@cliffski Can rest of D3 Africa policies, situations and simulations be added to game?
They could have “preindustrialized” prereq.
I think those could be added when poor countries will be added.

The trouble with some of the D3Africa stuff is it doesnt work well with the simulation of a developed country. They were in, but caused problems which maybe we will be able to work out during early access.
I agree border wall needs a land border. I’ll fix that, and the solidarity thing :D. Many thanks for reporting stuff like this, the game is so huge its tough for just 1 guy to balance!

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the UK just uses a wall of SHIPS :smiley:
Or, you know, the Irish border…
Maybe the policy’s cost should even somehow scale with land border length?

Although i have fixed it, and the land border is now a requirement of the border wall policy, there is an argument that all of the policies in the game are symbolic and not literal, and thus a ‘border wall’ for the UK could be thought of as an extremely well funded customs/border patrol navy intercepting illegal immigrants…
…although the difference would be that a border wall creates very negligible ongoing employment whereas a border navy would create a fair few jobs…

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A border made of ships would also extremely boost oil consumption, CO2 emissions, and pollution among probably a bunch of other things. Not the best.

Could allow automated drone ships too. Entirely within grasp of today’s technology. Just a matter of actually allowing that. Along with all the disasters that would ensue by a drone that “judged” poorly.