Double invite to same event - one person got mad


Although it would make sense to disappoint someone when you refuse their invitation in favor of another, this one’s weird:

I have persons A and B as close friends, and they also befriended eachother during the game. Now, the problem is that I get two invitations:

  • one from person A, which says that person B and others are coming
  • one from person B, which says that person A and others are coming

The “others” list had one common person, person C, and a person invited just by one of them, person D.

In the end, the lists looked like this:

  • Invitation from A: A, B, C, D
  • Invitation from B: B, A, ?, ?, C

And I took B’s invitation and A got mad. Does that make any sense?

Both A and B are girls, so I guess they’re fighting over me :stuck_out_tongue: Especially given the fact that I had a relationship with A for about 90 days or something… and then she decided to break up.

Is this meant to be like this? :stuck_out_tongue:

It happened a second time, and this time I took screenshots.


Only this time I’m turning them both down as I have a bowling match to attend to. :wink:

It’s not a bug and although it does seem weird, it’s probably done because of the design of the game, making choices between people, so no matter who you turn down(regardless whether you’ve dated them or not) means whoever you turn down will get upset.

I figured that it was because of game design. The design probably never anticipated that I’ll be making friend rings/grids, and everyone will know mostly everyone else (so if I lose a friend, I stand a chance of seeing them again and then get along well, like in the old days). But in real life, I were to get asked by two persons in a group to go out on what is essentially the same gig with the same people, and I said yes to one it would be an automatic yes to the other, and I wouldn’t get snugged.

And don’t you tell me this is a video game that has nothing to do with real life. This can be a useful social psychology study tool, the same way Democracy and Democracy 2 can be useful politics study tools.

This is an interesting bug, I will make damned sure it doesn’t sneak into kudos 2. I thought it had been coded around, but I must have missed something.