Double Obesity

I’m playing Canada, in the Healthcare Demand screen, Obesity is listed twice.
Let me know if you need additional information.


Just to check, I started a new game using GB and I’m seeing the same thing.

I also forgot to mention that I’m using Rev 1.12

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Yikes, bit of a bug there…just fixing it ready for the next build. Thanks for letting me know!

Violent crime effect on health care also is duplicated.

That is its repeated twice: Violent crime cause in healthcare demand sim and healthcare demand effect in violent crime sim.
I guess having effects and causes makes it prone for duplication.
If there were no causes only effects just like in policies csv, then it wouldn’t happen.

Side note: High private schools increases Poor income.
PrivateSchools PUBLICSERVICES 0.45 0 1 UNKNOWN icons_privateschools # StateSchools,-1.25*(x^1.3),4 GDP,0+(0.55x),4 # _LowIncome_fixed,-1000+(x^1.2)3000 _MiddleIncome_fixed,-4000-(x^1.5)6000 _HighIncome_fixed,-8000-(x^1.8)5000 Equality,0-(0.1x),8 Education,0.30(x^0.6)+0.07,8 Unemployment,0-(0.13x) TradeUnionist,0-(0.1x) _global_socialism,-0.02-(0.06*x),8

By the way this forum software completely screws up copypasting from csv.

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Thanks, all fixed in the next update